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February 17th 2021

StarWatch: Red Festival Feud

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Welcome back to StarWatch with me, Callie C. Thanks to Nisco Hobbins for stopping by to discuss the latest, greatest, and lamest current red carpet trends. Despite his desperate attempts to persuade me otherwise, I’m still not convinced that designer tricorns will be the next celeb trend. Anyways, lucky-ducky Nisco has an invite to a fab fashion event tonight so he couldn’t stick around for his favorite segment of the show. That’s right! Let’s investigate the hottest gossip and sightings from around the UEE as reported by you, our eagle-eyed StarWatchers. It’s time for I Spy.

We’ll start with the latest on supposedly sober vidstar Ellroy Cass. After completing his latest bout of rehab, Cass has been nothing but a shining example of clean living, but all that changed earlier this month when he stumbled into the spotlight a disheveled and sweaty mess at the Baxter’s Blessing premiere. Cass’ reps quickly claimed that he was healthier and happier than ever, but suffering from a bout of intestinal distress. Which, despite how unlikely — and gross — that excuse is, I sincerely hope it’s true. Just like it was definitely true for me yesterday when I had to skip Nerissa’s birthday party and was in no way an excuse I made up to get out of going. So, if you’re watching this Nerissa, sorry and I hope you enjoyed the bottle of Jean Luc I sent to the table!

Anyways, Cass had vanished from the public eye until last night when loyal StarWatch fan Kenjiro spotted him at an underground club in Mariana and shared the pics to prove it. According to Kenjiro, Cass energetically held court in his VIP booth and seemed awfully close with socialite Karishma Sata. Could love become Cass’s next addiction?

If so, here’s to hoping the two can keep each other on the straight and narrow, as Karishma is no stranger to epic indulgences herself. Most famously she was arrested in Goss after officials discovered enough pharmaceuticals aboard her 890 Jump to stop the next outbreak of Lynch Fever. Most didn’t believe her pleas of ignorance considering that she famously deemed a member of her entourage Vice Admiral and even made him a fetching little uniform for parties she threw during her sojourn across the empire. But if this show has taught us anything, it’s that being rich and famous makes criminal allegations mysteriously disappear like the Artemis. Ever since dodging trafficking charges, Karishma has avoided the spotlight and only appeared at various non-profit foundation events. Now that Karishma has been caught canoodling with Cass, could a return to a messy shipwreck of a public life be in the cards?

Next, a StarWatcher who asked to be called Peaches supposedly knows what kept Ridolfo off the runway at the LaVenti show in Gemma. Reps for Ridolfo claimed a pressing personal issue forced the famously moody model to cancel his appearance, making it the first time in almost a decade that he didn’t walk a major LaVenti show. Thankfully, Peaches saw what really went down and reports that the “pressing personal issue” was Ridolfo’s anger over the walk order and looks offered to him by hotty-dotty Tevarin designer Kev. Before storming out of his fitting, Ridolfo was heard shouting that Kev’s clothes never fit him right and that the designer should stick to “making rags for his own people.” Ouch. We here at StarWatch want to officially say, speciesism is never okay. Plus, do you know how absolutely terrible it would be if Kev made clothes only for Tevarin? Obviously, Ridolfo never saw that Éclat photo-spread of Bo Lynn wearing the hell outta one of Kev’s ensembles. I can’t even keep that issue aboard my ship outta fear it’ll overheat.

While this side of the story was news to me, I do have it on good authority that the LaVenti team has been debating Ridolfo’s future with the brand. Could this mark the end of one of the most significant haute-couture couplings in recent memory? We shall see.

Speaking of falling outs, sly StarWatcher Abbasi had a front row seat for the fight between Landry Caballero and Natasha Alil at the recent K.U.T. FREE charity event. The star-studded Red Festival extravaganza has become a must attend event for the empire’s elite with its steep ticket price supporting the charity’s mission of teaching wayward youths music. Despite the party’s good intentions and stated goals of “celebrating the lunisolar new year, honoring loved ones lost, and helping to cultivate good fortune,” I’ll let you in on a dirty little secret: Most guests only attend to get attention, competing with each other to see who can wear the most fab red and gold outfit or find the most envelopes hidden throughout the event space.

Personally, I never got caught up in either whenever I was lucky enough to attend. Instead, I spent most of my time ravaging the incredible buffet spread. Matching tradition, it’s dish after dish of delicacies and the longest foods. I had these braised calossk tentacles there once that I still dream about. Anyways, the event has gained almost a mythical status among some who genuinely believe that finding the most hidden envelopes will lead to a prosperous year. And this supposedly led to the big blow-up between Landry Caballero and Natasha Alil.

The two famously became besties as teenagers while filming Stop that Ape!, a camp classic that I will love and defend until the day I die. They remained inseparable for years and appeared out in public countless times together. They even bought neighboring penthouses in the chic LoHi area of Prime and built a door into the shared wall so they didn’t have to make the epic trek down the hall to see each other. Few things felt more certain in life than Landry and Natasha remaining friends through thick and thin, which is why I was so stunned when I heard about their very public fight.

Fans of these two know their career trajectories are currently going in opposite directions. Landry has been launched into the A-list while Natasha is out auditioning to land any role she can. According to Abbasi, Natasha came to the event dressed to impress and spent the night either schmoozing with various high-level power players or desperately searching for red envelopes in the hopes of energizing her flailing career. Abbasi alleges that near the end of the night a drunk Natasha gracelessly tried to lift a few envelopes from Landry’s open purse, prompting the epic screaming match.

Inside sources claim there’s been bad blood brewing between the two ever since Landry began dating sataball badboy Haruto Effinger. Natasha and Haruto aren’t too fond of each other, forcing busy-bee Landry to divide her time between the two. Abbasi didn’t hear everything said, but claims that Natasha accused Landry of ignoring clear signs that Haruto was cheating on her with sataball groupies, while Landry lashed back that Natasha’s penchant for staying in character on set was off putting and getting her blacklisted from acting work. I used to think that Landry and Natasha defriending each other would break my heart, but if they’re already getting this petty, then as the host of this show I am all in.

We need to take a quick commercial break. When we return Matsu Padua will join me to discuss highlights of Landry and Natasha’s long friendship and examine if the accusations thrown about hold any water. Don’t go anywhere, there’s more gossipy-good StarWatch right after this.

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