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April 29th 2015

TRACKER: Disconnected Kids

Disconnected Kids

Every day is another chance to put a criminal away. I’m Garret Coliga, and you’ve found Tracker, the Bounty Hunters Guild’s official show. Now, let us help you find the biggest and best bounties around the ‘verse. Today’s episode is brought to you by Curelife, makers of the DYNAPAK. To put it simply, this stuff is a staple in my kit. Don’t let the big one get away. Curelife’s DYNAPAK heals most injuries this side of death to get you back on the trail, fast. Seriously, keep these around. Never know when you might need one.

How about we hit the HotSheet? Let’s start with someone who’s taking the title of this segment a little too literally, Tammy Freund. Now, Tammy once burnt her boyfriend’s bed to a crisp but all charges were dropped. Well, the other day, she snuck onto a Crusader liner docked in New Austin and started quite the blaze in the crew quarters. Guess Tammy fled during the commotion and hasn’t been seen since. She’s a New Austin native so I expect she’s holed up somewhere familiar, hoping to wait this out. Wouldn’t consider her overly dangerous. Just remember to check the fire suppressors on your ship before bringing her in.

Second up, Jado Jones. Now this is interesting. According to testimony, Jado landed a job at a private residence in Gemma, worked there for a few months, then disappeared a day after the owner went on vacation. When Jado vanished so did a priceless Tevarin artifact from the home. If you can land both him and the artifact, there’s a big payoff. That said, everything about this seems slick. Personally, I’d be surprised if Jado didn’t have that artifact fenced before the owner knew it was gone.

Finally, everyone keep your eyes and, particularly, your ears open for James Clancy. This guy has talked his way onto the HotSheet by spinning stories about a new jump point he discovered. This month alone, he’s gotten three different marks to pay him significant creds for the nav points to a jump that doesn’t exists. Classic scam artist tactics by Clancy. He claims he needs creds, fast, for an investment on a newly terraformed planet and is willing to offload the new jump point info at a discount. We can’t keep suckers from being born every day but we can help keep folks from continually taking advantage of them. Again, that’s the honey-tongued James Clancy to conclude today’s HotSheet.

Next, anyone paying attention to the Spectrum probably saw that another disconnected child turned up. This time, a little girl was found in Olympus. She’s the fifth child found abandoned in such a state within the last year.

At the heart of the problem is the intoxicant known on the street as Maze, a nasty substance that puts the body to sleep but sends the head to the stars. Reports indicate that Maze use and trafficking has been on the rise throughout the Empire. Today, the Advocacy issued a warrant for the arrest of Alexandria Tokko, a Maze manufacturer and distributor spotted in four of the systems where the disconnected kids have been found.

Joining us via Comms today is Dr. Brian Ramsey, a chemist and researcher at Reisse’s Carey University. He is an expert in narcotics whose work focuses on rehabilitating Maze users that have disconnected from their bodies. I’m not about to broadcast exactly how Maze is made, but Dr. Ramsey will provide some insights into a few of its key components. Since these chemicals are hard to come by, their supply lines could be a good place to start your search for Alexandria Tokko. Welcome to the show, Dr. Ramsey.

Dr. Ramsey: Thanks for having me on.

So Maze is not easily found and, from what I understand, not easily made either. What kind of access to rare chemicals would Tokko need to produce it?

Dr. Ramsey: This Tokko person is not the one hurting those children. The Advocacy have the wrong person.

Excuse me?

Dr. Ramsey: I’m sorry, Garret. I didn’t come here to talk about Maze. At least not in the way you want. I’m here to tell the world what the Advocacy refuses to hear. That my former research partner, Dr. Eva Anwar, is the person responsible for all these disconnected kids showing up.

Listen, doc, I’m not sure exactly what you think is going —

Dr. Ramsey: Forget about suppliers of Maze. Dr. Anwar stole plenty of it from our lab. Right now, it’s important to watch anyone slaving kids, particularly in the lawless systems. She needs test subjects for this phase. Once she moves her research to adults, she’ll be much harder to track.

All right, we’re going to take a quick break and —

Dr. Ramsey: Please find her so all this will end! She’s been gone since last April. The first disconnected child was found the follo—

(Dead air)

I apologize for that folks. That’s what we in the biz call an on-air ambush. Happens to everyone once in a while. Please disregard all of the nonsense you just heard. We’re here to help you find known outlaws, like Alexandria Tokko. Not to publicly disparage people who are in no position to defend themselves.

We need to take a quick commercial break. Stay tuned and we’ll be back with more Tracker right after this.

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