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July 2nd 2013

News Update: The Observist

The Observist : Prime, Terra

Hey there, traveler, there are millions of sights to see in this universe and the team at THE OBSERVIST are here to make sure you get the best travelling experience possible.

To some it’s the shining beacon of the UEE and the true center of Humanity. To others, it’s just a cool place to visit, but regardless of where you land in that debate, it’s Terra.


If you haven’t been to Terra (which we’re going to assume is true since you’re reading us), we offer our condolences. When you break atmo and descend toward the capital city of Prime, you will quickly realize why. To be blunt, vistas of Terra are the reason why Humans created art. The skyscrapers of Prime set the standard of Human architecture and design for the modern age, but we’re not here to tell you about Terra from the sky, we’ll leave that for the Galactic Guide. You want to hear about the facts on the ground.

Prime positioned all of its landing facilities far away from the city to minimize approach traffic and facilitate a better overall flow to their flight planes.

Most of the ship shops populate the immediate vicinity around Prime Runways. You can find upgrades, weapons, repairs, even some hangar options. If the names Centermass, OmniBel and Hardpoint Guys mean anything to you, odds are, you already know if you want to shop there.

We would advise you to leave your ship alone for a second and take a look around.


When you step off the monorail in City Center, every instinct in your body will be firing like mad to look up and marvel at the sentinels rising towards the heaven above you. Fight that impulse and look down. It’s so easy to miss, but you’ll find a bronze-colored cornerstone near the monorail platform. This is a piece of one of the first buildings ever built on Terra back when it was first explored in 2516.

City Center is literal as well as metaphorical in its name. This is the seat of power for all of Terra and for some, it’s hopefully where the UEE Senate will move some day. So it’s pretty — kinda stale if you aren’t into politics, but you can visit the Governor’s Council if you are.

We would recommend ditching all of that for an exclusive lounge called Turing’s Stop. The owner, Korso Flynn, can only be described in words that aren’t appropriate for a public periodical such as ours, but if you can bypass him, Turing’s is a fine place to brush against the upper echelon of Prime and maybe make some contacts. If you don’t, at least you’ll get a cool drink and nice view.


If you’ve got a taste for the grittier side of life, you can bounce back onto the monorail. The last stop is where the masses live. Gone are the pristine streets and towers of glass; this is where real life is happening. The Block is an arrangement of living cubes, well-organized but certainly a rougher slice of life.

Thankfully, Terra General is nearby in case you need to get patched up. There’s a Dumper’s Depot if you’ve got salvage to sell off. But the real find out here is a little hole-in-the-wall joint called Bones’. The man himself can always be found behind the synthetic bar. By far his own best customer, our contributors have created a running pool to see if any of them can show up when he isn’t phased out of his mind. Ol’ Bones makes a hell of a bowl of Kacho, though.

It’s places like Bones’ that make Prime the real gem of the UEE. So power this down and power up that ship to get yourself over to Terra. Sure it’s great to hear us talk about it, but you really got to observe it for yourself.


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