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December 31st 2014

StarWatch: Traveler's Tryst!


The Hottest Celebrity News From All the Systems.

Never fear StarWatchers, I, Callie C, have returned with another heaping helping of all the chatter that matters from Vega to Baker and back again. If it happens in the ’verse, and it’s not super boring, you can be sure to hear the real inside story right here.

Hot off our tipwire, major sad face. We all knew that it had to happen eventually, but now that it finally has, it all seems like some kind of cruel dream that I just want to wake up from. But guys, trust me, IT IS NOT A DREAM! Last night, at the hot new Gossian lounge Ravid, the one and only fashion icon Doshi announced to a few hundred of his closest friends and family that he and rumored long-time lover Syn Tallow are going to be commitment-bonded in a private ceremony this Traveler’s Day. Doshi, a long-time follower of the Church of Journey, was reported by our tipster to have said that Syn was who he wanted by his side as he traveled through life. Major swoon. So, if you, like me, secretly held out hope that Doshi was going to one day kick down your door, hold you in his strong arms, his chiseled abs pressed firmly against you, as the warmth of his body fills you with a sense of contentment that you’ve never known, while he looks longingly at you with his piercing purple eyes and whispers, “Callie C, you are so blast,” then it might be time to let that chapter of your private mG wish journal close. At least we still have the flirtatious Flora Than to fall back on, right?

A double ultra-thanks to our tipster for hooking us up with all the devastating details of Doshi’s declaration of devotion. Without all you intrepid interlopers giving us the breaking scutt, we really couldn’t do this show. Gossip, like expensive meals and amorous nights, is best shared with as many people as possible.

In honor of Doshi’s passionate public pronouncement and the upcoming Traveler’s Day, I thought we would take a look at some other celebs who follow the way of the Journey and see how they will be spending the holiday.

New Arden is always a hotspot when January 1st rolls around, and this year will be no different. Headlining the annual festival will be none other than the extremely obvious choice of Star Traveler. Composed of a trio of sojourners, this up-and-coming band has been blowing up charts this past year with their breakout single ‘Croshaw’s First.’ Known for haunting melodies that recount their journeys and for band leader Prelude’s freakishly awesome hair — seriously, if someone knows who styles it, let me know — the group manifest maintains that they will never visit the same venue twice. That means this Traveler’s Day will be your only chance to see them perform at the New Arden fest ever. Insert freaking out here. As such, I am happy to announce that StarWatch, in conjunction with Kel-To ConStores, is offering a chance to win an all-expenses paid three-day trip to Davien to see the group perform in what I am calling our “Travel to the Travelers” giveaway. Send a comm to us labeled ‘T to the T’ and you will be entered into the drawing. All the legal junk is available in the show stream. The winner will be announced on tomorrow’s episode. Losers will continue to go unmentioned.

Taking a slightly more extreme approach to their pilgrimage, athletic dynamo Drianna Calper has announced that she will be attempting to single-handedly shatter all previous EVA records by, like, a lot. Starting off on the moon of Vega II, she will use a personal rocket to launch herself into space and then EVA down to Aremis’ surface, landing in New Corvo somewhere around midnight on the 1st. Drianna says that by undergoing such an arduous journey she hopes to glean deeper insight into her own personal path and that “Sometimes to gain experience, you must also gain scars.” Callie C says that by undergoing such an arduous journey, Drianna is hoping to land a new sponsor to replace the Snazzle deal she lost earlier this year. Though there will be host of S&R ships standing by during the attempt, it is still considered pretty devastatingly dangerous to enter a planet’s atmo with nothing but her custom built suit. Here’s hoping that Drianna will have a successful story to share after splashdown, rather than us telling a tragic one.

Last up, StarWatch darling delinquent Ellroy Cass has once again returned from rehab, and this time he says he has a new outlook on life. Saying that there is always a new path to find, Ellroy has become a follower of the way of the Journey and has announced his intention to use 2945 as a year of self-discovery. What there is left to discover after being in rehab six times in half as many years, I’m not exactly sure, but we wish him the best on his travels. Cass will be throwing a going-away party for himself at Club Font in Tangaroa.

That’s all I got for this episode, my hotties. Don’t forget to enter the ‘T to the T’ contest and please keep sending in those scoops. Tomorrow will be our year in review wrap up show, but I want to wish all of you an amazing New Year and a fantastic Traveler’s Day. Here’s hoping that 2945 has even juicier gossip, steamier stories, and more titillating tips! See you next year!


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