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November 15th 2017

Congress Now: Torral Aggregate Testimony

Torral Aggregate Testimony

UEE Congress (397)


2947-11-14 SET

Session AutoScript

Proofed and Admitted – Assistant Archivist Burg (#748392BDF)

2947-11-14_13:04 – Session Resumes

SENATOR TURSON HASKEL (U – Asura – Ferron Sys): This committee is back in session. For the rest of this hearing, I want to focus on Torral Aggregate. This Xi’an-owned company recently won a contract to produce weapons for the UEE Army, and they’re now looking to purchase a series of decommissioned military facilities in the Kiel System to house their manufacturing operation.

Joining us now is Marion Keplinger, senior legal counsel for Torral Aggregate and … Suenath see—

SUNATH OF THE TORRAL: .ē sen S.un’ath se T.or’al. t.ii Nya’t.ōng•’o se kyōhuitō se aoō’nu se T.or’al ue hue SaoHyūm.

SENATOR TURSON HASKEL (U – Asura – Ferron Sys): What’s that?

MARION KEPLINGER: Sunáth introduced herself as a member of the House Torral, and specified that she holds the title of Director of Human Operations.

SENATOR TURSON HASKEL (U – Asura – Ferron Sys): Ok, well, there’s limited time and a lot to cover, so I’m going to skip all further formalities. Real quick though, I noticed that insta-translation services were not provided for Ms. Suenath. I’d assume that’s because she’d prefer you to translate for her?

SUNATH OF THE TORRAL: sya kuai lai. e yao nai pohyan .u pue”.

MARION KEPLINGER: The Director understands us completely. Though I may need to take a few moments to clarify any cultural or political differences for her.

SENATOR TURSON HASKEL (U – Asura – Ferron Sys): And, seemingly, to speak for her too.

MARION KEPLINGER: Technically, I’m speaking on behalf of Torral Aggregate. I would not presume to speak for Director Sunáth personally. If she does speak, I will quickly translate for everyone’s convenience.

SENATOR TURSON HASKEL (U – Asura – Ferron Sys): “If” she speaks?

MARION KEPLINGER: Yes, I was responsible for Torral’s bid and am more than capable of answering the committee’s questions.

SENATOR TURSON HASKEL (U – Asura – Ferron Sys): Very well. How long have you worked for Torral Aggregate, Miss Keplinger?

MARION KEPLINGER: Just over two years.

SENATOR TURSON HASKEL (U – Asura – Ferron Sys): Have you ever bid a government contract before this one?

MARION KEPLINGER: No, Senator. This was my first.

SENATOR TURSON HASKEL (U – Asura – Ferron Sys): And Torral’s inaugural attempt as well, I see. Let me start by complimenting you, Miss Keplinger, on having your first ever bid accepted. Quite a momentous feat.

MARION KEPLINGER: I will pass along your kind words to the entire team, as it would be improper for me to claim sole credit for this honor.

SENATOR TURSON HASKEL (U – Asura – Ferron Sys): An honor it is, but also the reason we’re all here today. Do you have any idea how many companies never receive a single UEE contract?

MARION KEPLINGER: Not the exact number, no. I believe our research showed that less than 20% of companies that bid ever received one.

SENATOR TURSON HASKEL (U – Asura – Ferron Sys): And yet Torral Aggregate landed one on their first try. Why do you think that is?

MARION KEPLINGER: Good question, but probably one best suited for High Command. After all, they selected our bid.

SENATOR TURSON HASKEL (U – Asura – Ferron Sys): We’ll get to that, but right now, I’m more interested in your thoughts on the matter, Ms. Keplinger.

MARION KEPLINGER: Well, Senator, from my understanding of the process, the bid usually goes to the company that guarantees the minimum viable product at the most cost effective price. Torral receiving the contract suggests that we best met those criteria.

SUNATH OF THE TORRAL: te sā pō’po e pyi, Ma’ryon. ue’a myā .u ping .u’uth ueth soa e yai t.o’a ue yuē.

MARION KEPLINGER: The Director has reminded me that Torral also guaranteed that all weapons will be made right here in the UEE with resources gathered in the Empire, following all manufacturing laws and regulations. At the end of the day, it’ll be a Xi’an operation in name only.

SENATOR TURSON HASKEL (U – Asura – Ferron Sys): And money. A whole lot of it, actually, will end up leaving the Empire because of this deal. Did any outside individuals or entities provide help with Torral’s bid?

MARION KEPLINGER: Could you clarify the question, Senator?

SENATOR TURSON HASKEL (U – Asura – Ferron Sys): Did Torral Aggregate receive help from the Xi’an government when preparing their bid?

MARION KEPLINGER: Torral had to seek approval from Emperor Kr.ē before placing this bid, but that is perfectly normal for a Xi’an corporation. All important issues like this are brought before the government, much the same as we are doing here.

SENATOR TURSON HASKEL (U – Asura – Ferron Sys): So, I’ll take that as a yes. And how long has Torral been preparing for this bid?

MARION KEPLINGER: I don’t know, precisely. I was brought onto the project after it was already up and running.

SENATOR TURSON HASKEL (U – Asura – Ferron Sys): Care to make an educated guess?

MARION KEPLINGER: I believe it was late 2915.

SENATOR TURSON HASKEL (U – Asura – Ferron Sys): So, going back well before HuXa was even in place. Three decades working on a single deal that wouldn’t have even been legal at that time. That’s awfully foresighted of Torral wouldn’t you say?

SENATOR JANNA THURVILLE (T – Severus – Kiel Sys): Excuse me, Chairman Haskel, but I’m a bit confused by this line of questioning. When you invited representatives from Torral Aggregate to join today’s session, I was led to believe the focus would be on their proposal to purchase decommissioned military facilities on Severus. Not to interrogate them about their Army contract.

SENATOR TURSON HASKEL (U – Asura – Ferron Sys): Well, Senator Thurville, this is all new to me since HuXa made it legal for Xi’an companies to receive government contracts. We can’t tell the military how to spend its credits, but our approval is still needed to sell these facilities. So, you best bet I have a few questions for a company linked with a foreign government before I endorse this sale.

Now, Ms. Keplinger, all contractors working on projects for the UEE military must obtain special clearance first, correct? Care to share with me who in a Xi’an company is qualified to have such clearance?

MARION KEPLINGER: I’d be happy to name a few of the people who—

SENATOR TURSON HASKEL (U – Asura – Ferron Sys): We’d prefer if you provided us a full list.

MARION KEPLINGER: My apologies, Senator, but I don’t have one in front of me.

SENATOR TURSON HASKEL (U – Asura – Ferron Sys): Well, I for one am not willing to put this land sale up for a vote until this committee had reviewed said list and is confident that Torral Aggregate have the personnel in place to properly administer this contract.

SUNATH OF THE TORRAL: ri’.at’ō e to’ath. e ki’a e’so thlo e ti pa Pe’ring ueth kuāo e puāng nuang cha ang teyā nui thlan.

MARION KEPLINGER: uth yai un•oa .eu’a na”?

SUNATH OF THE TORRAL: ue’a myā .u .ō chi t.ōng y.ui tang’ue nyo.ang”.

SENATOR TURSON HASKEL (U – Asura – Ferron Sys): You mind enlightening us to your discussion? Or should I just ask for the translation?

MARION KEPLINGER: I was just talking to The Director about the next step in the process.

SENATOR TURSON HASKEL (U – Asura – Ferron Sys): And what’d she say?

MARION KEPLINGER: Torral Aggregate is ready and willing to comply with this committee’s request in the hopes of establishing a functional and fruitful working relationship.

SENATOR TURSON HASKEL (U – Asura – Ferron Sys): Providing that list would be a good first step, Ms. Keplinger. Looks like my time is up. Would anyone else care to question our guests from Torral Aggregate?

[ … ]

SENATOR TURSON HASKEL (U – Asura – Ferron Sys): Quite a few, I see. Let’s take a brief recess and assign allotted times so we stay on schedule.

Ms. Keplinger and Ms. Suenath can you give us five?

SUNATH OF THE TORRAL: suāye e na”?


SUNATH OF THE TORRAL: e yo tin’tang ri’a no’a. e yo po’e ka’o.u’a R.aip’uāng.


SENATOR TURSON HASKEL (U – Asura – Ferron Sys): Appreciate it.

< gavel bang >


End Transmission

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