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November 30th 2016

Plain Truth: Tevarin Trouble

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Truth is fragile. It must be championed, and repeated ad nauseam, or it will be crushed underfoot by those in power. Now, more than ever, it’s important for truth-seekers to rise in solidarity against those determined to undermine the reality of what’s happening across this Empire. My name is Parker Terrell. Join me in taking a stand for the Plain Truth.

For hundreds of years, a malignant growth has slowly eaten our government from the inside out. Today, there exists a system so twisted that it only works for those in power and those with the creds to curry their favor. Need proof that crony capitalism truly controls this Empire? Look no further than Esperia’s recent launch of the Tevarin-inspired Prowler.

Let’s set aside the fact that Esperia is commoditizing the fetishization of alien war machines. That’s a whole other discussion. Right now, let’s simply focus on how Esperia, a for-profit corporation, was able to get access to what may be the most important archaeological discovery of the last century.

Think about that for a second. After discovering priceless historical Tevarin artifacts on Kabal III, the UEE didn’t contact preeminent Tevarin historical groups or academics. No, instead, the military called up their pals at Esperia and asked if they’d like to take a look. Surprise, surprise. This company that specializes in reproductions decides to make a few creds reproducing a ship that used to terrorize the Empire. If you believed there was any shred of integrity left in this government, then consider this their last strand of moral fabric being finally worn away.

Was this some grand secret conspiracy? Not in the least. In fact, corruption has become so commonplace and expected that Esperia actually bragged about their preferential status. As their slick advertising brochure proudly proclaims, and I quote, “Esperia’s close relationship with the UEE military” is what granted them access to Kabal so they could catalogue, copy and then profit off what was found.

To make matters worse, it’s been five years since Kabal was discovered and still no Tevarin, outside of those who Esperia have vaguely hinted at working for them, have been allowed to visit their ancestral home. This is despite numerous petitions by the Tevarin Cultural Preservation Society and the Tevarin rights group Nerriva Alle. Who knows what irreparable damage the government and Esperia have done to this important archaeological site. What artifacts have been destroyed or stolen, so the true history of a once great race doesn’t see the light of day. The simple fact that our Empire once again prioritized private sector profits over everything else shows you exactly how far down the drain we have gone.

Heidi Verneri is here with the unenviable task of trying to convince me that I am wrong about condemning the UEE’s stance to not let the Tevarin access historical sites in the Kabal System. She’s the founder of EarthCentric, a think tank with a stated goal of preserving “Humanity’s place” within the known universe. Welcome to the show, Heidi.

Heidi Verneri: Thanks for having me.

Let’s get right to it. Why do you believe the UEE should deny Tevarin’s access to the Kabal System?

Heidi Verneri: It’s not their system. It’s the UEE’s and our government has the right to do with it as they please.

The numerous cities on Kabal III would say otherwise.

Heidi Verneri: Abandoned cities. I’m saying the Tevarin forfeited any and all rights the second they signed the Instrument of Surrender that officially ended the Second Tevarin War.

It’s a well-established fact that Humanity’s insistence on forfeiture was designed to keep the Tevarin from completely destroying all traces of their culture during the Purge. If the UEE, even during the Messer Era, could show empathy for a vanquished enemy, then why can’t we allow Tevarin historians and academics access to what must be a treasure trove of information that everyone thought was gone for good?

Heidi Verneri: You have to remember that the foundation of Tevarin society was a warrior-ethos called Rijora. It was the tenets of this system that motivated them to attack Humanity not once, but twice. This recent interest by Tevarin to reclaim their past should be viewed with apprehension, if not open distrust. Why are they so eager to connect to their violent past now when they were ready to destroy any trace of it? Our government has a responsibility to ensure that the people of the Empire stay safe, and letting the Tevarin spend time basking in the way things used to be sounds irresponsible at best.

You want to keep them from getting any ideas.

Heidi Verneri: To be clear, since Kabal’s discovery in 2941 the government hasn’t simply denied Tevarin requests to visit the system. They’ve denied all requests. Human researchers from the University of Rhetor have also been kept out. Also, don’t forget that the UEE found more than Tevarin artifacts in Kabal. There are also reports that a large cache of modern weapons from UEE manufacturers were discovered there.

Those reports of modern weapons haven’t been verified and, if you ask me, it sounds like a pretty convenient excuse to justify denying Tevarin the right to access the system.

Heidi Verneri: Parker, I know this is hard for you to believe, but sometimes the government actually acts in the interest of the people it has sworn to protect. Because, if this cache contains modern weapons, then we have a bigger problem on hand than whether a number of Tevarin academics get to comb through their ancestors’ artifacts.

Modern weapons mean that Kabal was hidden from the UEE for what we can only assume are nefarious purposes. Who knows, the system could’ve been used as a training ground for Tevarin agitators that have already been indoctrinated in the ways of the Rijora. Combine this with the fact that Tevarin are flocking from the UEE to live in the unclaimed Branaugh System and it’s not crazy to think something’s going on here. Some might even say that the groundwork is being laid for a potential third Tevarin war.

Now, I understand that there’s real concern and fear out there. The Tevarin were renowned warriors, but if Humanity continues to fear them for what they once were, then there’s no hope of them becoming a completely integrated part of our Empire. We, as Humans, must come to accept that not everything that’s different is dangerous, and that reflecting on the past doesn’t condemn a species — any species, including Humanity — to repeat it. Otherwise, we’re in real trouble.

If we can’t learn to move forward together, then the government will only continue to use this issue to divide us. When the public wastes our time debating a third Tevarin war instead of policy specifics, like the UEE’s stand to keep Tevarin from the Kabal System, then those distractions will continue to turn us against each other and keep the corrupt cronies in power. We don’t have the time for more of these distractions. Now is the time for real action.

Heidi Verneri: To just disregard –

Thanks to Heidi Verneri from EarthCentric for being here today. Coming up next is one of my favorite annual segments. I hand out report cards to Imperator Costigan, the Senate and other government agencies for the work they accomplished or avoided this year. That and more when Plain Truth returns.

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