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November 7th 2012

CLEAN SHOT Shipping Update #2

CLEAN SHOT Shipping Update #2

Welcome back fly guys and gals.  This is your ol’ pal, Craig Burton, riding shotgun on the long haul.  We’re trying out a new feature here on Clean Shot.  This is TechCorner, where we test out the newest and coolest mod and pod upgrades on the market.  See how long this will last because, here’s a shocker folks, there’s a lotta crap out there that’s just gonna weigh you down.  This segment brought to you by MaxOx… the Future is Max with MaxOx.  We’ll see how long our sponsor sticks with us on this one because first up we have MaxOx’s latest in their line of counterassault technology.

The new MaxOx 5250 is an upgrade to their very popular 5000model countermeasure system.  Unfortunately, it’s an upgrade in name only.  Gone is the mix and match chaff, flare, buoy system.  Now the system is only designed for one or none.  Gone is the compact single pod size, now it requires three pods and a dedicated line to your power source.  Which’ll probably cost another 300-400 credits to install.  So I’m sorry, but this is just an abuse on the good folks out there who used the 5000 system every day.  My producer is giving me that look so I’m just gonna stop but I had to say something.

Anyway, moving onto ASD’s latest add-on, unveiled last week at the 3E Engineering Conference, the P12 Limpet Mine Launcher.  Once dropped it can either tag the nearest vessel or for an extra two thousand credits be fitted with a IR marker and targeted.  The mine will attach itself to the ship via magnetic clamps and that’s when it really goes to work.  The core is filled with osmium that will apply its incredible density to the ship, dragging down its speed and maneuverability.  Latch two or three of these things onto a ship and it’ll be lucky to crawl after you.  It’s pricey, granted, but it’s a great way to get away from some dreg eyeballin’ your cargo without the whole self-defense killing thing.

Next week, we’re gonna talk to Trevor Fahr, Executive Aide for Senator Kendrick Tsu of Idris, to discuss the upcoming vote for a free-trade agreement with the Xi’An.  So make sure you’re parked somewhere with a good signal cause you’re gonna wanna be apprised of this.

That’ll do for me.  I’ll leave you with a bit of wisdom.  When you’re fifteen hours into a route through dangerous space and you think every ship is scanning you, remember what my daddy used to tell me, “Son,” he’d say, “everyone’s got a right to live, even the idiots with itchy trigger fingers.”

‘Til next time.  Keep sparkin’ people.

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