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March 25th 2015

DataCache: /rtrvd; A.Santos/

rtrvd; A.Santos

To: Executive Allard
From: scire_facias
RE: Mikah Pierce comms


found the outgoing messages that match the incoming ones you uncovered.

standard xchange I assume

- scire_facias


… run:slice
/ OUTGOING MESSAGES: 7265-395cheiB, prtcpnt; Adriena Santos/

On 2944_11_24 at 6:37pm, Adriena Santos wrote:

To: Mikah Pierce
From: Adriena Santos
Subject: Update

Made it to Delamar in one piece. Tougher to find than expected. Didn’t help that the Nyx belt made my scanner useless. Can see why you covet this system for your operations.

Spent a few days exploring Levski. It’s a mixture of anti-UEE zealots, burnouts, traders, and pirates. I’ve started spinning my story, but foreigners are kept at arm’s length. Non-residents aren’t even allowed outside of the old mining facility. Security between here and residential area, inside the asteroid, is tight.

Good thing you hired me. No offense to your crew but this is definitely above their pay grade. Eliminating the issue will take some finesse. Will let you know once I locate the target.


On 2944_12_02 at 8:22pm, Adriena Santos wrote:

To: Mikah Pierce
From: Adriena Santos
Subject: Re: Update

I’m still getting a feel for this place but it looks that way. Even though things are developing slower than expected, there has been progress.

I made some inroads with a resident, Alex. He runs the weapons shop and can’t keep his eyes off me. Can’t keep his mouth shut either. Babbles non-stop about “corrupt government pigs” so I just started echoing his sentiments.

Got to admit, it’s been hard to say some of these things without rolling my eyes. Some of their conspiracy theories are just insane. It is starting to come more naturally for me. Alex is nice, though. More than willing to give advice to a helpless runaway like myself.

There really is no organization here, no real government. Just a bunch of woefully misguided souls too into themselves to find common ground. There is one common thread — Executive Allard, who seems to be involved in just about everything.

Took a few days, but I eventually sweet talked Alex into introducing me. Got that feeling the second we met. This guy’s played the game. So I started shadowing him. Hopefully, he’ll lead me right to the target.


On 2945_01_03 at 1:54am, Adriena Santos wrote:

To: Mikah Pierce
From: Adriena Santos
Subject: Re: Update

Agreed. If Allard hasn’t led me to the target by now, he never will. He is cautious and filled with a natural distrust that permeates here.

If you want, I have ways of making him talk, but I’d advise against that path. It will probably start a fire that will make it harder to get to your real enemy. Plus, there’s no guarantee Allard would talk under duress. His family goes back to the People’s Alliance, who openly rebelled against Messer. There’s 300 years of defiance running through his veins. It’s a point of pride that his family never caved to UEE pressure. With that so ingrained into him, I doubt he would break for me.

My suggestion would be the path of least resistance — Alex. In anticipation, I’ve been laying it on thick. Telling him how great it would be to live here. Safe from the Empire’s toxic tyranny. If he can get me on the other side of that gate, I’ll be free to find what I need on my own. Volunteering for a security detail should point me in the right direction.

- AS

On 2945_02_19 at 3:29pm, Adriena Santos wrote:

To: Mikah Pierce
From: Adriena Santos
Subject: Re: Update

Very funny. Just because I admire some of the residents’ traits doesn’t mean I’m becoming one. It’s called tradecraft. I’m pretty good at it, remember? That’s why you hired me.

Despite your accusations, there has been progress. I’ve made it beyond the gate, thanks to Alex. He surprised me with the news. Even had a place ready and waiting for me to move into. Government is no substitute for good neighbors.

At first, I was struck by how welcoming the people were. In Levski, though residents can be cold and disengaged around the landing zone, things are completely different on other side of the gate. There’s a camaraderie, a trust once you’re welcomed in. I’ve lived in buildings with thousands of people. Yet, I’ve never felt like I lived in a community until now. It’s strangely satisfying.

Also, I dug up some useful info. Residents don’t care what kind of business sets up shop here… as long as it doesn’t draw UEE attention. Your particular operation will always attract the UEE. Honestly, I don’t think ghosting the security chief will make a lick of difference. Whoever fills that role will only come back at you harder. Unless you’re planning on taking control of the entire system, something even the UEE can’t do, this probably isn’t a good strategic fit for your operations.


On 2945_03_13 at 2:41am, Adriena Santos wrote:

To: Mikah Pierce
From: Adriena Santos
Subject: Re: Update

I said we’re done.

I know you sent me here to do a job, but all the credits in the UEE couldn’t convince me to take another life, ever again.

I’ve sent every last credit of my advance back to whatever shell company it came from. Fear of not having money drove me to do awful things, but once I let go of that fear, the weight of the ‘verse was lifted from my shoulders.

Even though I’m no longer under your employ, I’ll give you some good intel. Never smuggle slaves through this system again. If you thought the clamp down was harsh last time, just wait until you’re caught doing it again.

Come after me, if you want, but leaving me and the people here alone would be your smartest course of action. I may no longer be inclined towards violence but, luckily, I’ve made some new friends who aren’t completely adverse to it when necessary.

I do want to thank you. By sending me here, you brought about an epiphany. Now all I want to do is live a life filled with peace and positivity.

I wish nothing but the same for you.

– AS


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