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November 18th 2015

Mining Rocks: November 2945
Shubin Interstellar Employee Newsletter

November 2945


Leading the Industry

In my opinion, and confirmed by the countless awards and accolades we have won over the decades, Shubin Interstellar employs some of the smartest and most well-trained mining experts in the industry. If you work for us, you know that you’re working with the best. Why do we go to such great lengths with our hiring practices? It’s simple. Mining is not an easy job. It takes precision and experience, a level head and a steady hand. And even then, if everything goes right and an employee does the best job possible, we can only hope to minimize the risk as much as possible. Not eliminate it.

That is why we strive so hard on every level to provide employees with a safe and positive environment that fosters not only their productivity but the personal wellness and satisfaction they deserve. From paying an industry-leading wage, to offering subsidized lifestyle embetterment opportunities and giving special recognition to long-time employees, we are committed to creating a workplace that enables our employees to be their best, a workplace where you go home feeling great about everything you accomplished that day and are thrilled to go back the next day and reach for the stars again.

In recognition of all our efforts, I am proud to announce that Shubin Interstellar is the 2945 recipient of the Dianne C. Darling Outstanding Business award, one of the most prestigious awards in the Empire. We take pride in our efforts to make Shubin Interstellar a great place to work, and we are deeply honored to be recognized as a leader in workplace practices. It’s all the more incentive to continue doing our best for you.

From the desk of,
Gavin Arlington, CEO


A closer look at Shubin and Safety.

Stem the Stims

We’ve all been there. A new lode has just been discovered and in the excitement we push ourselves. Maybe we work longer hours. Maybe we take fewer breaks. And maybe, to help us keep going, we turn to stims. That extra boost of energy that stims provide can sometimes make the crucial difference. Unfortunately, it has become all too common for people to rely on that boost not just in special situations, but day in and day out. According to a recent internal survey, daily stim use among Shubin employees has risen 53% over the last decade, with 17% of employees saying they use multiple stims in a single sitting.

This increase in use is a growing concern as stims, despite the energy they seem to provide, are not a healthy replacement for proper rest and care. Stims can often mask symptoms of other more serious problems, such as muscle strain and fatigue. Plus, stim overuse can lead to sweating, dizziness and jittering, aka the “swigs,’ which has been directly linked to numerous mistakes and costly errors. Not only is overuse of stims bad for your health, it is bad for the health of our company.

That is why this month we are proud to announce our “Stem the Stims” initiative. We will be hosting special events throughout November to encourage people to go stim free, including a 1k EVA fun-float. Employees who manage to forgo stims for the entire 4 weeks will receive a special reward at the end of the year! Also, we will be adding a 10% surcharge to all stims sold through company stores to help encourage people to think twice before purchasing. The extra revenue will be used to help offset the costs of the initiative.

Good luck! Remember that together we can “Stem the Stims”!


Just a reminder to those employees affected by the unfortunate events at Port Renatus, grief counseling is still available. Please contact Human Resource coordinator Lisa Turlington for more details.


Some interesting facts about the ore around you. This month we look at …


  • Bismuth is one of only a few elements whose liquid state has a higher density than its solid state, making it extremely useful in commercial applications such as fire sprinkler systems, fuel tank safety plugs, and solders. The metal itself melts at 271 °C, but some bismuth alloys melt at temperatures as low as 70 °C which is below the boiling point of water.
  • Bismuth Oxide and Bismuth Subsalicylate are found in certain medications such as hemorrhoid creams and digestive aids, respectively. One of the biggest buyers of bismuth in the Empire is pharmaceutical company Droxol, which produces the popular gastrointestinal relief medicine TumEez.
  • The name Bismuth comes from a combination of the Latin word “Bisentum” and the German word “Wissmuth,” which together mean “white mass”.


Shubin Interstellar can’t do it alone!

Welcome to Ore and More Refiners

The latest independent operator to join the Shubin fold is Ore and More Refiners, based near Lorona in Banshee. Specializing in mobile refining, Ore and More will be focusing mainly on the on-site processing of raw ore materials from the recently expanded J-10 mine. The increased capacity their systems will provide will go a long way in streamlining operations from the bottom up. Plus, with their familiarity of the notoriously tricky environmental hazards and Pulsar found in Banshee, we are sure their knowledge and experience will be an additional benefit to everyone. If you happen to be in system, please make sure to give them a warm Shubin hello.



Georgia Miyung, a 2944 recipient of Shubin Interstellar’s Dig Deeper Educational Scholarship, has just graduated from MIST Rhetor magna cum laude. We could not be prouder! When asked what she planned on doing with her degree in Material Engineering, Georgia confidently told us that she hoped to help develop new mining techniques and technologies. We have a feeling that Georgia just may get her wish!

Big Benny’s is Back!

After hearing a lot of feedback, we are happy to announce that the popular Big Benny’s Kacho-To-Go vending machines will be returning to select Shubin facilities by the end of the year. The Too Much Soup! vending machines will continue to be an option as well.

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