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November 21st 2012

Congress Now

Congress Now

UEE Congress


Session AutoScript

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1:48pm – Session resumed.

SPEAKER MARSHALL MADRIGAL (U-MagnusSys):  Thank you everyone.  If you’ll take your seats, this session will come to order.  Thank you.  Unless there are any additional points to discuss regarding the previous bill… H3456.23 from the honorable Senator from Ferron, we will move forward.

Motion is concluded and will be passed along to Mr. Harker in the Imperator’s office for review.

Next order, Senator Ngo submitted the following resolution.  Madame Senator, you have the floor:

SENATOR MIRA NGO (T-TerraSys):  Thank you Mr Speaker.  My esteemed colleagues, in the creation of this proposal, I took it upon myself to speak to not only my constituency, but other systems as well.  What I found in these conversations was sometimes challenging but always enlightening.  In short, I feel that there is a significant movement among the fine Citizens of our civilization to move the capital of the UEE from Earth to Terra.

SPEAKER MARSHALL MADRIGAL (U-MagnusSys):  Ladies and gentlemen, please.  The floor will be open for debate once the honorable Senator has finished.

SENATOR MIRA NGO (T-TerraSys):  Thank you.  I understand that this continues to be a sensitive subject.  Earth will always be our ancestral home.  This is the planet that gave life to us.  No one is denying that.  But as we evolve, you have to recognize that for government to be effective in a territory as vast as ours it needs to be close to the action.  Based on current DataCom routes, it still takes days, even weeks for dispatches to reach Earth.  The truth of the matter is also a strategic one.  While military intelligence simulations reports that although the Vanduul lack the organization to mount a successful campaign, Earth is in a highly indefensible position strategically.  If the Vanduul were to ever launch an offensive, it’s very likely that military forces in Terra, even Davien systems, would be unaware for hours maybe even a day.

Why is Terra always the epicenter of this debate?  Few can argue that Terra is a major nexus of trading and finance in the territory.  But let me move past that for a minute and talk history.  To be blunt, Earth has a conflicted history.  Depending on which period you choose you will find either innovation or blood.  Conversely, Terra has always maintained a progressive diplomatic stance even in the darkest eras of the Messer Era.  To quote my lovely grandmother, they just took to the right way of living.  But my proposal is not a Terra or bust type situation.  I and my constituents simply believe that there needs to be a change in the political center of the UEE to a location that better represents the new direction humanity has taken.  Any and all star systems should be considered as a possible home.  We just feel that due to location, our homeworld is simply become impractical.

In every child’s life, there is a point where they have to leave their home and become their own individual.  We are and will always be the children of Earth but it’s time to move on.

The proposal you have in front of you is a call for referendum, to put the vote to the Citizens.  Like our forefathers back in 2380 when forming the United Nations of Earth, I believe that it should be put to the people to decide.  We are, after all, here for the good people of the UEE and it should be their decision.

Attached you will also find provisions detailing the process of transference.

Mr. Speaker, I yield the rest of my allotted time.


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