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June 6th 2018

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Debris floats in space. Drifting closer, we see that the wreckage contains the remains from dozens of destroyed ships.

NARRATOR: He thought the battle was over.

A blinding spotlight sweeps through the scene, hunting …. searching. A moment later we see the source — a FRIGATE bristling with guns.

NARRATOR: He thought he was safe.

We push in towards one of the frigate’s turrets. A GUNNER is seated there, but they are not our destination. We move past them, and wind our way through the halls of the ship.

NARRATOR: But he wasn’t counting on a hunger this big. A craving this massive.

We arrive at the mess hall to find a crewman in a Navy-esque jumpsuit, DIETRICK, sitting at a table looking awfully hungry.

NARRATOR: All hands. Prepare to launch Torpedo Burrito’s newest devastating flavor-class.

Deitrick uses both hands to raise a huge steaming, perfectly grilled BURRITO into frame.

NARRATOR: Codename: Strog-N-Off.

Cut to a close up of glistening, deep roasted protein cubes sizzling in a hot pan.

NARRATOR: Rich and meaty high-grade roasted protein is encased in a decadent, creamy mushroom laden sauce …

A thick, cream sauce is ladled on top, spurting and bubbling like an irresistible cauldron.

NARRATOR: Before being drenched over a mound of springy spaetzle …

The protein and sauce are poured over a heaping pile of thin dumplings before a soft tortilla is used to impressively wrap the large quantity of food into a neat package.

NARRATOR: And wrapped in Torpedo Burrito’s signature size-4 multi-grain tortilla.

We go back to Deitrick just in time to see him take a huge bite from the burrito. His face is pure ecstasy.

NARRATOR: Making for one tasty assignment you’re gonna want to volunteer for.

Wiping the excess cream sauce from his face with the back of his hand, Deitrick dives back in for another huge bite.

NARRATOR: Torpedo Burrito’s New Strog-N-Off. Unleash a payload of flavor.


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Famed sataball player ELSIE HESELTON stands on the bridge of her sprawling luxury-liner. She rests one hand on the back of an empty captain’s chair. As a woman of action, she prefers to stand. With a watchful eye, she supervises the ship as they sail through a light cloud cover towards a vibrant setting sun, a proud and contented smile on her face.

Turning to the camera, she says —

ELSIE: Hi there. I’m former pro-sataball league player Elsie Heselton. And as many of you know, when the heat was on during a match, I’d do whatever it took to get my team to the goal.

We see a few quick cuts of Elsie back in her prime: narrowly catching a pass, slamming hard into a blocker, spiraling off the perimeter to get into position, and scoring the game-winning point in the 2943 finals.

ELSIE: The same is true when it comes to keeping my family safe when we travel.

Inside Elsie’s on-board living quarters, she walks over to a large, secure weapons cabinet.

ELSIE: That’s why for personal protection, I turn to the brand trusted by security professionals across the Empire.

Elsie opens the cabinet, revealing a beautifully sleek weapon.

ELSIE: The Gemini F55 light machine gun.

Elsie picks up the gun, her strong arms flexing against the solid weight. Confidently, she checks the weapon over, its chrome highlights gleaming.

ELSIE: With a rate of fire that tops out at a thousand rounds per minute, I can overwhelm would-be attackers, ending conflicts almost as quickly as they start.

At a firing range, Elsie unleashes the F55 full might, decimating holo-targets. Then, in slow motion, we see a replay to get the full impact of just how fast this gun is.

ELISE: And just like my defenders cleared the way for me in the stadium, the F55 allows me to clear the way for my loved ones with suppressive fire, ensuring that they can safely retreat in an unexpected emergency.

Looking at the weapon close up, we get a sense of just how well built it is.

ELISE: And thanks to Gemini precision forging, the F55 guarantees power and speed with every squeeze of the trigger.

Back out on the bridge, Elise holds a sataball.

ELISE: Trust me, I know power and speed.

Elise winks to the camera.

The Gemini logo appears on screen with the tagline: The only line of defense you need.


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Trader ALLIE FOHUD stands in a crowded Banu market doing his best to hold on to a long, slithering calmenay with both hands.

VOICE OVER: Thursdays on SSN/CAtv are about to get —

ALLIE: Absolutely crazy!

VOICE OVER: Join famed traveler and trading expert, Allie Fohud as he explores the legendary markets of Gliese —

We follow closely behind Allie as he winds his way through the narrow stalls: he warmly greets a wealthy ESSOSOULI, he pushes his way through a stall where dozens of weapons hang from the ceiling, and examines a small orb made of rings that separate and spin away.

ALLIE: If I wasn’t seeing it myself, I wouldn’t believe it.

VOICE OVER: … and helps everyday Citizens turn their tired and old possessions into the exotic and new.

Allie leads a group of excitedly gawking TOURISTS through the marketplace.

ALLIE: The first rule of trading here? There are no rules.

We see snippets of the group shopping in market: a MIDDLE-AGED MAN tries on strange hats, a YOUNG WOMAN draws a long edged kalta from its sheath, and an excited older COUPLE hugging and jumping up and down.

ALLIE: Talk about the deal of the century!

The camera pulls back and we fly over the market revealing just how mind-blowingly huge and sprawling it is.

VOICE OVER: You never know what you’ll uncover next when you’re with the “Back Allie Trader.”

The LOGO for BACK ALLIE TRADER splashes onto the screen — Thursdays 15:00 SET.

VOICE OVER: Exclusively on SSN/CAtv.


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