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October 16th 2013


News Update: OP.NET Merc News


Hello and thank you all for your patience. Previously unknown technical incompatibilities with acceptable Spectrum formats forced a reset and prevented us from returning sooner. Our engineering team assures us that it’s been sorted and we are back to full capacity. So put the word out, OP.NET is active.

This is Sabine Murillo, aka Mixer. If you’re a Rory, OP.NET is a guide for mercs in the field. You want corporate sponsors, guild bureaucracies and colorful guests? Go to Crosshair. We’re here to filter the noise and give you the raw data.

First up, the Job Board, where we relay current Ops vacancies directly from vendors in the field. Now, we do what we can to validate the data, but remember, these are unconfirmed ops, so use appropriate caution.

Bremen System. Local militia has been having problems containing a pirate problem ever since ore deposits were discovered on Bremen II. One operator has been assisting and put the word out for additional help. Pay is described as low. Interested parties should contact Aaron Lott for further intel.

Got a line in from Hurston Dynamics, putting a call out for hired help. No specifics on the nature or location of the job. Most of you know how I feel about Hurston. If you don’t, here’s a brief, they are everything that’s wrong with Humanity. They do pay on time, so if you’re bleeding for imps and don’t mind sociopathic corporate scumbags, swing on by their planet.

Last, we still have an open call carried over from our last installment. Ever since the destruction of Aruj on Lago, or Nexus IV if you aren’t as familiar, the town of Reis has put out a standing order for armed assistance to help local authorities in keeping one of the few remaining landing zones safe from another potential orbital strike. Local contact is Yara Weeks, she’ll tell you what’s what. On a personal note, if you go, be sure to stop by the Falling Skies and tell Giroux that Mixer sends her best.

Of course there’s the Xi’An Spy Scandal. Even though Imperator Costigan and the High Command have maintained the same military readiness since the crisis began, many of the Governors’ Councils along the border have grown increasingly worried, especially as Gallen’s trial draws closer. There has been an increased demand for outside operators to assist their local law enforcement.

That’s all for now. Keep sending those jobs in and remember, the more data you include, the more likely it’ll end up on the show.

We’re going to have Lt. Col. Derek Hessel on next to talk to those of you who are still serving in the UEE military about creating a plan for when you muster out. It can be a culture shock. Hell, it was for me. So stick around. Also, we will open up live comm for questions from anyone in-system.

At the bottom of the show, look for PsyOps, where we bring in combat veterans from the military and law enforcement as well as ship engineers to discuss the latest tricks and tech for the modern combat pilot. On today’s PsyOp, we will examine the Mantis GT-220 from Gallenson Tactical and consider some of the newer tactics used by pirate packs.

Hold your course, OP.NET is active and unfiltered.


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