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November 16th 2016

StarWatch: Time to Talk Tevarin!

That tingle in your toes can only mean one thing. Your very own Callie C is back again with another delicious dosage of StarWatch waiting to melt your mind with the hottest happenings on the frostiest celebs. And thanks to you, our flotilla of fact finders scouring the ‘verse for the tastiest tips, we know the inside scroll before just about anyone else.

Point in case, this tidbit that just hit the waves from Kiel. Preparations for this year’s big Intergalactic Aerospace Expo are underway on Severus but it seems one notable ship lover will no longer be attending this year’s event. The rumor is that host of Something Every Tuesday, Esen Landari, was all set to spend the week viewing the latest and greatest in all things flying, but a mix-up at the boutique hotel Bon V Bon led to her usual room being given away to lovable loudmouth and host of Galactic Tour, Jax McCleary. It seems that Esen refuses to stay anywhere else in town and would rather not go than suffer the indignity of less distinguished digs. The hotel refused to comment, but we wouldn’t be surprised if this one’s true. We’ll update you next week after the Expo to see how it all pans out.

Of course, the Aerospace Expo is far from the biggest thing happening this month. Since 2930, November has also been Imperial Tevarin Heritage Month but to be honest, it has felt more like a full on Year of the Tevarin with how much the Empire has been going crazy for our conquered cousins recently. Want proof? Just look at Suj Kossi’s successful senate seat snag. Without a doubt, everything Tevarin has been rapidly rising up everyone’s ‘love it’ lists and StarWatch is no exception. So for today’s episode, we’re going to be celebrating all things related to the UEE’s finest xeno-xitizens. It’s enough to make you say, “Purge? What purge?”

First off, since we were just talking about the ship expo, what finer example of our hunt for authentic Tevarin experiences than Esperia’s brand new Prowler? This faithful reproduction of a centuries-old Tevarin ship is set to premiere later this week on Severus, but it seems that some celebs couldn’t wait that long. Star sataball player Sam Tonvi arrived at last night’s match riding in his very own hot-off-the-production-line model. Guardian fans went wild as Sam and the full offensive squad jumped out of the Prowler to “board” the arena. Maybe the next step will be for a Tevarin to join their team.

And speaking of joining team T-var, this season’s freshest fashion is showing much love for the traditional garments of these people. The segmented color blocking, thick gold trim and wide pauldrons of DeNoNo’s recent collection are a fantastic homage to the Tevarin warriors of yesteryear. These are styles that would look fierce from the boardroom to the night club. Talk about being able to clear some space on the dance floor. Not to be left out, LaVenti featured a new Tevarin designer, Kev, as part of their Generations campaign. While he was able to make a splash with his bold use of shimmering fabrics, even the most successful trends are bound to have their darker side. Let’s not forget the lesson designer Ralston Nado taught us all on how homage can quickly turn to horror with his poor decision to incorporate Tevarin symbols into his stint boots without fully researching their meaning. Turns out people don’t want footwear that say, “I killed my father.”

The highlight of the heritage celebration has to be the former Tevarin homeworld of Jalan, or should I say Kaleeth, hosting a Tevarin Cultural Festival at the end of the month. Some of the recent artifacts discovered in Kabal will be on display along with a whole gaggle of artwork, crafts and music. Headlining the big concert at the Temple of Rijora is none other than Warbird, whose bass player, Leej Kava, is a Tevarin. This is the first concert they’ve done since lead singer David Mason got out of the hospital, so I have a feeling they’re going to burn the house down. Musically. Not in a culturally insensitive way or anything. There will of course also be a selection of Tevarin food to try, such as koleevar which are these seedball things that sort of taste like peanut butter mixed with ketchup. They’re weird and delicious. Or at least weird to us Humans. On top of all that, Senator Kossi is expected to give a speech. Chances are it will be all kinds of inspiring for people of all species.

We have to take a quick break but to keep this Tevarin trend treading along, when StarWatch returns we will be going behind the scenes of the new drama Love Me for Now to talk to Nele Suti about what’s it like to be breaking new ground for Tevarin actors across the ‘verse and whether the rumors of a budding romance with co-star Char Nawston are true. So much to talk about, so stay right there. See you in a sec.

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