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November 12th 2013

News Update: Clean Shot

News Update: Clean Shot


Morning or evening, folks. Craig Burton on your level with another installment of Clean Shot. As always, we’re here to give you the latest and greatest news and updates in the shipping world and keep you company on that great haul called life.

Today’s show’s gonna be real good, I think. We’ve got Yasmine White from UEE Customs to talk about this latest crackdown by the law, but first, we’re going to do a quick installment of TroubleZone … we still haven’t come up with a good replacement for that? Okay … today’s TroubleZone brought to you by Dumper’s Depot.

Dumper’s Depot, Burner Zeke’s popular scrap and trade store, is now open on Lorona in Banshee. Dumper’s Depot offers free estimates on all scrap and salvage. Come on down and have one of their licensed appraisers give you the straight line on what that crap you picked up on the drift is worth. Dumper’s Depot, because everything is valuable to someone.

Now, on to TroubleZone …

The information disseminated in this broadcast is user-generated and considered current at time of recording. Farnes Media Partners is not responsible for the accuracy of the information after recording. Listeners should factor in accuracy decay when planning routes.

We’re going to start in Corel system, which feeds into the conversation we’re about to have with Agent White. Now, it ain’t to the extent as the jumps to Xi’An turf, but haulers should still expect extended wait times for border crossings into the Protectorate, as well as more extensive scans. Now, I’m not one to tell people how to live. Hell, I’ve done some jobs in my time that I wouldn’t tell my mom about, but I just gotta say, you make sure your cargo’s legit before attempting to pass their scans. Law ain’t kidding these days, people. Like I said, we’ll dig into that in a sec.

Next, Ferron System. I do what I can to not pass through that system in general, but now I got a better reason. A new pack of thugs has been hitting common lanes. Local law put out a bulletin warning commercial vessels to keep an eye out. They sound like amateurs because it don’t sound like it takes much to get them shootin’. My advice, skip the whole hellhole if you can, but if you gotta move through, watch your scans and don’t slow down.

Oberon System. Technically lawless, I know, but I gotta give some due. Turns out a merc team finally punched out the Red Death. That’s right. After feeding off our brothers and sisters for the better part of a year, his luck finally ran out. Whoever you are, I salute you and hope you gave that scumbag an empty casket.

All right, I’d like to welcome Agent Yasmine White from UEE Customs.

Yasmine White: Hi, Craig. Glad to be here.

Agent White … I’m gonna just jump right in, if that’s okay with you.

Yasmine White: Sure.

The Law has been a real pain in the ass the past couple weeks. What the hell is going on?

Yasmine White: Well, Craig, we’re in a very delicate time. The current diplomatic situation with the Xi’An –

As a fellow hauler, Jenk Gallen is a friend of this show. Still hoping you come home safe, brother.

Yasmine White: It’s a tough time. There are certain criminal elements that think they can use this tension to their advantage, believing that the government’s attention is ‘focused on bigger things’ as it were. This is a meant to send a clear message that we’re still putting our house in order.

Now, how much longer can we expect to be frozen out of Xi’An territory?

Yasmine White: Well, Craig, the shipping lanes are still open –

Not for everyone.

Yasmine White: That’s correct. We have temporarily amplified our security and scanning protocols to do everything in our power to make sure that the ships coming in and out of the Empire are legitimate traders.

Your Xi’An counterparts have actually relaxed their border inspections.

Yasmine White: I’ll take your word for it; I am not privy to the policies of the Xi’An agencies.

Agent White, can you give us any insight into when this whole situation is gonna be over and done with?

Yasmine White: I’m afraid that’s a bit above my pay-grade.

How about a hint? Are we going to war?

Yasmine White: I’m just as eager as you for the Gallen situation to reach an amicable solution.

Can’t say it on the record. I got ya. Well, we’ll take a quick break, fill them coffers with that sweet ad money and you can give me the whole scoop on what’s going down. Stick around if you can. We’ll be back with more Clean Shot.


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