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November 19th 2014

KAIZEN: Market Breakdown


Hello, I’m your host, Aaron Schere, and welcome to another edition of Kaizen, where the business of business is our business. On today’s show we are fortunate to have a fantastic guest joining us, Professor Galbeeti Desai from the University of Rhetor. This is the educator cited by Silas Koerner as the inspiration behind many of Consolidated Outland’s core philosophical principles. We will be talking to him about the fantastic reception the Mustang has been receiving across the Empire, his vision for the future of the industry, and his new collection of essays, “Dare to Dream.” That’s all up later in the show. First off though, a look at all the latest financial trends, news and happenings with a Market Breakdown.

Past performance is not indicative of future results. Neither Schere, Kaizen nor Farnes Media Partners guarantees any specific outcome or profit. Before acting on information in this program, you should strongly consider seeking advice from your own financial or investment adviser.

Things are looking a little brighter for Hurston Dynamics as we have received word that, after years of appeals and delays, the adjudication has finally concluded with the court reaching a decision regarding allegations that the company’s Stanton II factories had been illicitly using slave labor. Solicitor Kyla Tsion, who represents the weapons manufacturer, has issued a statement that Hurston has been formally cleared of all charges. It remains to be seen whether the centuries-old company will be able to fully recover from the stigma surrounding their brand, especially since multiple labor disputes and environmental malfeasance charges still loom.

Sticking with the theme of crime, word leaked earlier this week that a Drake Interplanetary warehouse on Borea had been robbed. It was rumored that the culprits managed to steal a large stockpile of valuable scanning equipment. After continued silence on the subject, Drake finally issued a formal statement a few hours ago, and while they don’t mention what exactly was stolen, they do confirm that their facilities were breached and that they are working with local authorities in Magnus to apprehend those responsible. What I thought particularly interesting is that Drake made sure to mention that the gang of thieves who breached their security were in fact all flying, in their words, “the latest model of Cutlass Black.” Tasteless PR or making lemonade? I’ll leave it up to you to decide.

Next up, a unicorn sighting. For those of you unfamiliar with the term, a unicorn sighting refers to a contract opportunity so rare that landing one is considered as likely as spotting the mythological horned beasts. The unicorn in question? Rumor has it that MacArthur is shortly going to be looking to outsource its food provision services. With the UEEN looking to cut costs, it seems they may be opening up the coveted opportunity to private sector bids for the first time ever. They say that militaries march on their stomach, so you can imagine just how lucrative such a contract has the potential to be with thousands of starmen and support staff needing to be fed. As investors begin to speculate, Torreele Foodstuffs has already seen a 5% jump in its index pricing.

Finally, with an eye towards the future of interspecies trade, Jysho Corporation has announced the planned opening of their tenth CTR outlet. Slated to open on Green in Ellis by year’s end, the chain of fuel stations has slowly been gaining market share since its license to conduct business in the UEE was formally approved by the Senate back in February. While the protests that marred their initial opening have slowly died down in the interceding months, it seems this recent announcement has tossed more fuel onto the fire as activist group Empire First has taken to the spectrum to rally support for a boycott of all CTR stores this December 3rd. By using the anniversary of Anthony Tanaka’s death for the boycott, it seems they hope to galvanize the labor movement to support their cause. We reached out to Jysho for comment, but have yet to hear back.

That’s it for today’s Breakdown. We are going to pause for a quick word from our sponsors, but when we return, we will be joined by Professor Desai for an exclusive interview that you do not want to miss.

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