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January 3rd 2018

2018 Lore Release Schedule

2018 Lore Release Schedule

Happy New Year from the CIG Narrative Team!

Now that 3.0 has been released, we will be increasing our focus on in-game content for Squadron 42 and Star Citizen. Between creating NPC dialogue, mission text and a wealth of item descriptions, there’s a lot of narrative content needed to bring the world alive. So, we are going to adjust our 2018 release schedule in regards to lore content on the website.

Rather than a News Update every Tuesday, you can now expect a different type of post each Tuesday of the month, including a steady release of older content that hasn’t yet trickled down to the site. Here’s how the schedule will break down.

1st Tuesday

Loremaker’s Guide to the Galaxy

Loremaker’s will now become a part of “Lore Day.” You’ll be able to begin every month with a member of the Narrative Team providing an in-depth tour of a solar system or other aspect of the Star Citizen’s ever-expanding lore.

2nd Tuesday

Jump Point Vault and Exclusive Subscriber Content

For years, Jump Point has provided Subscribers with lore content that has not yet been made available to all backers. The second Tuesday of each month will be dedicated to posting either a Galactic Guide or Portfolio article that was previously available to Subscribers in our monthly Jump Point magazine.

Meanwhile, current Subscribers will get exclusive first access to a brand new piece of lore with the release of the Subscriber newsletter each month.

3rd Tuesday

Original Content or Lore Builder

Every third Tuesday, we will post a News Update feature, providing new fictional insight on the Star Citizen universe. We might also use this slot to publish a new installment of Lore Builder, if there’s specific lore-related content that we want to develop with the help of the community.

4th Tuesday

Serialized Fiction

Numerous serialized fiction stories have appeared in Jump Point but have never been made available to all backers. The fourth Tuesday of each month will be dedicated to bringing you these stories one exciting chapter at a time.

5th Tuesday (if applicable)

Original Content or Lore Builder

January, May, July, and October all have five Tuesdays in 2018. That means the Narrative Team will deliver another dose of original material in the fifth week of these months.

We look forward to sharing all this content with you in 2018. As always, feel free to catch up on all of our lore posts here, or ask the Narrative Team a question by using the ‘Lore’ tag in the Ask The Devs thread on Spectrum.

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