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October 2nd 2012

2789: A Cold War Thaws

2789: A Cold War Thaws

UEE 33rd Fleet, C-Wing, SS LightHammer

XO’S LOG – 5.29.2789

06:12 : Officer’s Meeting. Went through the COMSEC Updates from the previous six hours.  Nothing startling.  Report of a weapons discharge on a Reaper-Class in the Kiel System.  A deck-cannon misfired after a computer error.  No impact. Locally, our mirror was holding position.

07:24 :  Reported for duty.  Commander is still down with the Bug.  Ran system-wide diagnostic and validated weapon packages.  Clear across the board.  Watched our Mirror run flight drills, looked like rapid deployment simulations in upper atmo.

11:15 :  Nills (Comms) sounded like he was coming down with something.  All was quiet so I sent him to Medical.  His 2nd was more than capable as a substitute.

12:32 :  Finally got some chow.  Boredom seems to be really getting to the crew.  Some tempers even flared today in the Mess.  Will relay to the Commander and try to come up with possible solutions to relieve some stress.

15:34 :  I don’t know where to start.  I was working on my battle-sim assessment of the Xi’An carrier when Shaw (Comms) alerted me to the news on the Spectrum.  Turned on bridge monitors, apparently Senator Akari from Terra independently brokered a treaty with the Xi’An.  It’s supposed to take effect at 19:00 (LST). The inter-system Comms absolutely lit up.  People thought it was a joke.  Maybe some Activist cracked the NewsOrgs?  Wouldn’t be the first time.  We couldn’t honor this treaty, right?  Should we arrest Akari for treason?  The news wouldn’t reach Earth for days so no one knew what to do.  I was just as dumbfounded as everyone else so I notified the Commander who immediately reported to the bridge.

16:20 :  Everyone’s still flying blind.  All ships are on high alert.  Looking for any kind of aggression from our Mirrors.  So far nothing.  This could all be a Xi’An trick.  I wouldn’t put it past the Slinks to try something this elaborate.

19:02 :  Our Xi’An Mirror recalled its fighter patrols, powered down its weapons and backed away.

I guess we’re at peace?

End Transmission

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