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September 30th 2012

2681: Scorched Earth

2681: Scorched Earth

In the West, in the Orion System, communications with a small settlement on the third world are lost. It’s weeks before anything thinks to check in with them. When they do, they find the township in ashes. The Advocacy immediately dispatches an agent to investigate.


Location:  Dell Township/Water Purification Settlement/Armitage Planet/Orion System

SAIC:  Rhedon Lamr

Initial visual from the sky indicate repeated strafing runs of airborne weaponry on multiple, presumably small craft.  No obvious use of large-bore weapons or bombs.  Large scorchmarks on eastern and southwestern outskirts of town indicate that this is where the attackers landed.  Samples of scorched earth sent to labs for analysis.  Angles of strafes are consistent with theory that the attacks came from multiple directions.  Comm tower was damaged but did not look specifically targeted.  Odd.  If it were raiders, wouldn’t their first target be the Comms?

On the ground, sweeps turned up strange shell casings for hard-ammo scattered throughout the town.  Doesn’t look human in manufacture.  Will analyze.  Forward onto Advocacy Agents with contacts in Banu Protectorate.

Attackers were thorough, sweeping house to house.  Killing everything and everyone here.  Entire six hundred thirty-eight population of settlement has been accounted for, except one:

John Phillips.  38 SEY-old.  A farmer.  Nothing to indicate why he was targeted if in fact he was.  Analysts are delving into him.  Will provide complete file when complete.

Theft/Robbery appears to be the chief motivation but there is an inconsistency among the missing items.  Sometimes objects of value are left while seemingly useless/trivial objects have been taken.

Agent Vasquez has discovered a small CommLink camera that somehow was operational during the attack.  Scrubbed through the footage and found that it was mostly useless.  There is one frame that when zoomed/cleaned-up appears to give a brief glimpse of an attacker.

They were called the VanduulThey were called the Vanduul ATTACHED:

End Transmission

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