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September 29th 2012

2638: A Call for Sovereignty

2638: A Call for Sovereignty

Terra Gazette – 3.12.38 Edition

Terra Governor Drafts Bill For Terran Sovereignty

By.  Viola Filler

A political rally for the re-election of New Benzi mayor, Nadir Padwani, the Terran Governor unveiled a stunning new proposition.  Dusk was just beginning to settle and the fundraiser was making some serious progress when Assan Kieren stepped up to the podium.  Little did everyone know, he was about to drop a bombshell.

At approximately 5:15 local time, Assan Kieren unveiled plans to issue a referendum to the people of Terra and the neighboring systems to seek separation from the Imperator and the UEE.

“The Imperator lives in an era where alien civilizations are something to be feared.  Those of us who live here, where the Banu and Xi’An are neighbors, where we see them every day, we know that they are not the enemy.  They are people, like us, their culture may be different, their motivations may be different, but they are just trying to live, live in safety.  The Imperator is happy to keep them at a distance through the sights of weapons, but I don’t believe we can continue on this path.  As Carson once said, “If you live anticipating a war, sooner or later, you shall have one.”  In short, I believe that Earth is increasingly disconnected from the realities of today that it is causing political and social instability in all systems.  This is not a call to arms or invitation for conflict.  All I’m asking is to open a dialogue.”

Needless to say, not many people were talking about the mayor’s re-election after that…                         [CONTINUED}


United/Tribune NewsOrg -5.4.38 Edition

Terra’s Seditious Bill Fails

By.  Raymond Castor

The motion for Separation drafted by the infamous Terran governor Assan Kieren failed to pass the public referendum today.  As expected, the loyal Citizens of Terra and its neighboring systems realized that Kieren’s plan for sovereignty was an ill-conceived, unrealistic idea that would lead to an unstable future for them and their children and they made their voices heard.  Going in droves to the voting stations and saying, No.  We don’t agree.  We don’t think that the UEE is failing us.

One can only hope that Kieren gets the message.


Terra Gazette – 9.24.38 Edition

Governor Plagued by Scandal

By. Viola Filler

No matter where Assan Kieren seems to turn, he is met by another accusation.  Since proposing his motion for sovereignty six months ago, the Governor has battled accusations ranging from infidelity to drug addiction to corruption.  The Governor released a statement earlier today to all the NewsOrgs.

“These allegations are baseless in the extreme and are simply trying to distract from the real issue.  The Imperator and his minions have mangled the processes of government by ignoring the clear will of the people to emancipate themselves from a corrupt and vile government.”

Kieren explained that he’s obtained evidence of voter tampering and outright fraud by employees on UEE payroll.  This evidence has been entered into the court system and will be part of his ongoing federal case against Imperator Messer III.


Terra Gazette – 11.4.38 Edition

Xi’An/Human Terrorist Network Unveiled

By. Raymond Castor

The enemy is among us!  Early this morning, Advocacy Agents announced the resolution of a massive inter-agency undercover operation into the shadowy world of traitors and saboteurs.   Dozens of arrests have been made with more on the horizon.  Unnamed sources from within the government claim that the Xi’An-funded terrorists had infiltrated various positions in government and Corp structures.  While we are awaiting an official statement, we have confirmed through multiple sources that the former Governor of Terra, Assan Kieren, might be implicated.

The same governor, if you remember, who disappeared after the good Citizens ran him out of office after his desperate and paranoid attempts to bring disorder and anarchy to the systems.

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