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July 27th 2022

Galactapedia Update July 2022

Galactapedia Update July 2022


Welcome to this month’s Galactapedia update roundup. This month, we visit the fascinating Helios system, explore the historical Idris system, and touch on the mysterious Kabal system. We also examine two more plants from Rayari Inc, as well as their bestselling painkiller. Join the Spectrum thread for any discussion or feedback.

Full-Length Article:

Short Articles:

  • Ceprozin – Cybernetic painkiller.
  • Yellow puglath – A friend in the desert.
  • Storm rider palm – Windstorm withstander.
  • Helios system – Former outlaw hideout, present capital of extreme water sports.
  • Helios I – Final resting place of OB Tarasque.
  • Tangaroa – Sub-surfing center.
  • Marama – Volcanic moon of Tangaroa.
  • Mariana – Half on land, half underwater.
  • INS Hephaestus – Nerve center for wargames.
  • Helios III – A taupe giant.
  • Helios IV – Black-ops headquarters?
  • Idris system – Frequently used as a battleground during the Tevarin wars.
  • Idris I – Hot planet with an exposed core.
  • Idris II – The brightest “star” in Locke’s sky.
  • Idris III – Has an ocean unfriendly to water sports of any kind.
  • Locke – Famous for its brandy, among other things.
  • Tanys – Headquarters of the Greys.
  • Idris V – Mostly-empty protoplanet.
  • Kabal system – Former Tevarin stronghold
  • Kabal I – Possibly a dwarf planet, once.

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