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November 24th 2021

Galactapedia Update November 2021

Galactapedia Update November 2021


Welcome to this month’s Galactapedia update roundup. This month, we explored the Vega system and its history, covered the planets and moons of Vega, fleshed out the Kilian system, added some cities from Terra, and discussed the Freeman Act. Join the Spectrum thread for any discussion or feedback.

Full-Length Article:

Short Articles:

  • New Austin – Don’t forget to try the brisket!
  • Quasi – A semi-popular tourist city.
  • Vega I – Go here for an extreme tan.
  • Aremis – Food, art, and culture.
  • Vega 2a – Not 2b.
  • Vega 2b – 2b.
  • Selene – Food, art, and culture, but more affordable.
  • Vega belt alpha – There are great resources to mine here if you don’t mind the occasional Vanduul skirmish.
  • Vega IV – A good pit stop for hydrogen.
  • Freeman Act – The seed that grew into the UNE.
  • Kilian system – Most planets of any system in the UEE.
  • First Sister – Kindly shares her orbit with her sisters.
  • Second Sister – The middle sister.
  • Third Sister – The smallest sister.
  • Magma – Should have named it “Lava.”
  • MacArthur – Home of the UEE Navy.
  • Osha – Regular hangout for Navy personnel.
  • Keene – Birthplace of Ermer Family Farms.
  • Kilian VIII – Not a tropical paradise.
  • Corin – Do not approach.
  • Kilian X – A dwarf planet of great interest to the UEE courts.

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