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Roberts Space Industries ®

Sanctuary of Wanderhome / WANDERHOME

  • Organization
  • Hardcore
  • Exclusive
  • Security
  • Trading

“Never Give Up, Never Surrender!”


Sanctuary of Wanderhome was founded in 2003, starting the long history of our group. We have had a lot of fun and tremendous success in the games we have played in our past.


Think Once. Think Twice. Think Forever

What does SoW’s slogan mean? At its foundation the slogan represents that we take careful thought into every move we make, and understand that each decision made has it rewards and consequences. However, in a broader context it means much more…


Choose Your Destiny

Chris Roberts has said that he is influenced by games Sanctuary of Wanderhome has excelled at in the past (See “Our History” Video). To continue that success we have three branches that focus on specific areas needed for the safety, economic security and quality of life of our members. You can choose which branches you want to work with, in order to do what you love and help build Sanctuary of Wanderhome.