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STORM Industries / STRMIND

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STORM Industries

Offers you an unique way to play
in an industrial focused environment,
where unity, equality & transparency
is our mission statement!


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What do you get for joining Storm Industries?

  • - A management that will try to incorporate suggestions from members.
  • - A community that is built with integrity, honesty and transparency.
  • - Provide a safe environment where you can be yourself without judgment or ridicule.
  • - Storm Industries can provide a wide variety of industrial gameplay through activities and events.
  • - Members that are eager to help and welcome new members.
  • - Management and members that constantly look to improve and better our community and corporation.
  • - An ever developing Discord server for easy communication.


Q & A

Q: How do I join?
A: You can join by pressing the Join us now! button on the top right of the page. Don’t forget to join our Discord server as all communication happens over there!

Q: Should I join as a member or as an affiliate?
A: If joining Storm Industries, Storm Industries should remain visible set as your primary corporation at all times.
(You can Contact us for affiliation by joining our Discord as a guest).

Q: Storm Industries has a lot of pillars to choose from, can I be part of multiple pillars?
A: Yes Absolutely! Every member is part of Storm Industries as a whole and we encourage participation in any of our activities and events. You can make your own selection of different roles available in the Role-assignment channel at any time.

Q: Can I play as a pirate?
A: NO! Although Star Citizen is full of situations we call “grey zones”, Storm Industries choses not to condone or engage in any piracy or grieving activities!

Q: What time zone does Storm Industries operate in?
A: Storm Industries will have activities in EUR time zone between 12:00 UTC and midnight, but we invite players from all around the world as long as you’re able to participate in chats, activities and events and contribute to our community.

Q: Does Storm Industries accept role play?
A: No, We have nothing against role play but there is no demand for it in the current state of Storm Industries.

Q: I have more questions!
A: Feel free to drop by on our Discord server. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions there. Our staff will happily answer them.


Join us Now!

We are looking forward to meeting you!




The purpose of Storm Industries is to allow all of its members to have fun and enjoy the industrial aspects and all other beauty of Star Citizen. With a community of like minded individuals we can uphold activities that we all can enjoy…

Star Citizen is a game.

  • Star Citizen is first and foremost a game, not a perfect real-life simulation. As in any game, its the core purpose is to provide a fun, enjoyable experience for everyone.
  • Storm Industries intends to cater a certain range of audiences with the primary objective of playing industrial gameplay and respecting how others may want to enjoy their game experience.

Storm Industries will change with the pace of Star Citizen.

  • Star Citizen is a work in progress. As in any Alpha, any planned or existing features are subject to change at any time as we near the completion of the game. To avoid wasting time and effort in creating structures for features that might or might not happen, Storm Industries will not develop plans for any gameplay loop that is not currently already released in the latest Alpha.

Storm Industries is and will remain a neutral organization until the final release of Star Citizen.

  • We are open to Diplomacy up to a certain degree to outsource specific play styles like ie.: escort protection and data collection.
    Storm Industries members are expected to not be part of any organization that takes part in piracy or grieving activities or organizations which have demonstrated hostility towards Storm Industries with their actions.



We hereby declare our commitment to the following principles:

Inclusive Community:

  • We believe in creating a gaming community that is open to all, regardless of gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or background. We celebrate diversity and welcome individuals from all walks of life.

Respect and Sportsmanship:

  • We pledge to treat fellow gamers with respect and sportsmanship, both in victory and defeat. We understand that behind every screen is a real person with feelings, and we strive to create a positive and supportive environment.

Fair Play:

  • We advocate for fair play and reject all forms of cheating, hacking, or exploiting in games. We believe that success in gaming should be achieved through skill, dedication, and fair competition.

Creative Expression:

  • Gaming is an art form. We encourage and celebrate the creativity of game developers, moderators, and content creators. We respect their work and acknowledge the power of gaming as a medium for artistic expression.

Healthy Gaming Habits:

  • We recognize the importance of balancing gaming with other aspects of life. We encourage responsible gaming habits, including regular breaks, physical activity, and maintaining social connections.

Gaming for Good:

  • We believe in the potential of gaming to bring about positive change. We support charitable initiatives, community outreach, and the use of gaming as a tool for education and social impact.

Continuous Improvement:

  • We embrace the spirit of continuous learning and improvement. Whether as players, developers, or enthusiasts, we seek to expand our knowledge and contribute to the growth of the gaming community.


By adhering to these principles, we aim to foster a gaming culture that is inclusive, respectful, and enriching for all. Together, let us build a gaming world that reflects the best of our shared values.


Storm Industries: Play, Respect, Create!