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Self-Destruct Crew / SDCREW

  • Club
  • Casual
  • Social
  • Freelancing

A casual social org specializing in wacky space hijinks that occasionally makes money as a side effect of our activities. Come scrap on Big Bertha, our Reclaimer, or jump into the clown car Hammerhead to run bounties after two hours spent getting everyone in the same place, only to run out of fuel.


*Vibe check us on our Discord server *

One fateful day, a group of randoms came together on an ill-fated scrapping mission aboard the Crew’s beloved Reclaimer, Big Bertha. Ridiculous space hijinks ensued, including discovering the backspace button and almost turning everyone into a fine red mist.

Thus, the Self-Destruct Crew’s tiny group chat has expanded to a server with 30+ members and growing. With a chill vibe and Crew members down for just about any type of mission, you’ll always have someone to chat or play with.

We are a casual, social group that makes money (mostly) by accident— serious min/max-ers might find our antics frustrating (but most people would call them charming). We have a zero-tolerance policy for racism, offensive memes, and/or generally being a douche-canoe, but honorable pirates are welcome.

Self-Destruct Crew is a 21+ org that hosts events like Hold My Beer Fridays and features voice channels such as:
  • Big Bertha – salvage missions
  • Criminal Scum – drug running
  • Doing Violence – bunkers & ERTs
  • Vigilante Justice – player bounties

Since we’ve just recently decided to go legit and register as an org, our official pages are under construction.


Who’s asking?


Who’s asking?