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Roberts Space Industries ®

Original 151 / ORG151

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Join Kabutopz and fellow Star Citizens as we explore, conquer, and thrive in the vast universe. United by adventure, driven by community.


The Original 151 Name stems from the original 151 Pokemon that were made. This not only calls back to a Legendary TV show but also gives us a clean and very ORIGINAL if you will, look to the Organization. Pokemon has been an important thing in my Life and my name being Kabutopz comes from that as well. I wanted to fuse together the two things I like and share it with my community. I hope you join and enjoy the fun.


Make money by any means possible. Whether you like to salvage, pirate, pve bunker, or just enjoy races, we got you covered. This Org is a place for people of all kinds to come relax, be with friends, and enjoy the opportunities of the verse. Strength in numbers and friends having your back is the key to that, thank you.


Racism, sexism, or any discrimination is not allowed. We do not support nor do we condone any acts of hatred to any individuals.