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Roma Stellarum / LGRB

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Born from the Echoes of Rome, Forged in the fire of Stars.

Roma Stellarum takes a different approach to the orgs of Star Citizen, we are a nation in the ‘verse. Our system is structured similar to that of the ancient Roman Republic

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Legio Republic, was established on November 26, 2953, initially emerging a corporation once known as Legion Dynamics focused merely on profit and forging its’s path through the universe. Being founded on the developing planet of Etos in the Osiris system the beginning of Legio Republic was a perilous beginning, wrought with death and hardship, but the spark that was kindled soon would turn into a nation of hardworking and talents people.

Established as a visionary space enterprise deeply rooted in the historical legacy of the Roman Empire. Its founders, a group of forward-thinking scientists, engineers, and business leaders, sought inspiration from the disciplined might and strategic brilliance of the ancient Roman legions.
In the early 30th century, as humanity began to expand its presence beyond Earth, Legion Dynamics seized the opportunity to pioneer space exploration. The company’s early years were marked by the development of advanced propulsion systems, cutting-edge spacecraft, and innovative terraforming technologies.

As Legio Republic grew, its corporate culture embraced the principles of unity, discipline, and conquest that defined the Roman legions. The founders implemented a hierarchical organizational structure mirroring the military ranks, fostering a sense of loyalty and shared purpose among employees.


Core Tenants

Department of Security

I. Vigilance and Discipline:
Maintain constant vigilance over Legio Republic assets and territories. Execute security protocols with disciplined precision, ensuring the safety of our colonies and the prosperity of our organization.

II. Unity in Defense:
Forge a unified front within the Department of Security. Collaborate seamlessly with fellow members to bolster our collective defense capabilities, standing resolute against any threats in the verse.
Department of Industry*

III. Resource Mastery:
Excel in resource extraction and management. Implement efficient mining operations and logistical strategies to ensure a steady flow of resources, fueling the growth and prosperity of Legio Republic.

IV. Craftsmanship and Efficiency:
Embrace craftsmanship and operational efficiency. From ship construction to outpost development, apply meticulous attention to detail, ensuring the Department of Industry serves as the backbone of Legio Republic with unmatched proficiency.

Department of Science

V. Innovation and Exploration:
Pioneer innovation within the Department of Science. Explore new frontiers, conduct groundbreaking research, and contribute to the advancement of technology, keeping Legio Republic at the forefront of scientific discovery in the vastness of Star Citizen.

VI. Collaborative Discovery:
Foster a collaborative environment for scientific exploration. Engage in open communication, share findings, and work collectively to unravel the mysteries of the cosmos, strengthening the bonds that drive the Department of Science forward.


Legion Dynamics Bylaws

Enacted on November 26, 2910

Rule I: Professional Conduct – “Virtus et Decorum”

At Legio Republic, Patricians are expected to uphold the highest standards of professional conduct, guided by the principle of “Virtus et Decorum” — virtue and decorum. In simple terms: Do Not Be a Dick.

Rule II: Equality and Inclusion – “Harmony in Diversity”

At Legio Republic, we embrace the diversity of our Patricians and recognize the strength it brings to our collective endeavors. Discriminatory speech, including racism and any form of discrimination, is strictly prohibited within our corporate realm.

Rule III: Age Requirement – “Years of Wisdom”

To ensure a cohesive and focused work environment, Legio Republic establishes an age requirement for employment. All Patricians must be 18 years of age or older to join our ranks.

Rule IV: Personal Commerce Restriction – “Focusing on the Galactic Mission”

To maintain the integrity of our corporate environment and prioritize the pursuit of our interstellar mission, Patricians employed at Legion Dynamics are prohibited from engaging in the sale of personal items or services within the company premises or during working hours.

Rule V: Recording Protocol – “Respecting Privacy and Confidentiality”

In adherence to Legio Republic’ commitment to maintaining a secure and respectful work environment, Patricians are prohibited from recording any conversations, meetings, or activities within company premises or during official engagements unless explicitly stated otherwise.