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Garden Interstellar Initiative / GRDN

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“What is a Garden to do but grow?”

- Director Space Tomato | Founder, Tomato

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History of the GII

In 2939 a burgeoning group of business oriented men and women in the Ellis system were looking for a way to combine their efforts for maximum gain. In recent years new regulations and practices brought on by the threat of Vanduul incursions saw business opportunities move deeper into UEE territory, providing a foundation for many new businesses. While the fuel was there, and some preliminary agreements had been met, there was still hesitancy amongst the group.

Seemingly from nowhere, a traveler stumbled into the system fleeing from God knows what, and looking for the right place and group of people to begin what many believe to be the strongest business conglomerates in The Verse. The group made an agreement with the newcomer to create an initiative to work for the further expansion of this organization, The Garden, while also driving every individual to their own success throughout the stars. These goals would be completed at the expense of nobody, and would drive towards the ultimate goal of growth and good.

This cooperative would come to be known as The Garden Interstellar Initiative, founded January 11, 2940 on Ellis 5, and it would quickly expand to the nearby planets in the prosperous system.

As the group developed it quickly grew into a multifaceted organization with firms in engineering, industry, exploration, touring, security, and more. Many in the area were weary of the power the group was consolidating under one roof. As this meteoric growth continued, the original founding group quickly established, not just their own positions in their respective industries’ histories, but also their hand picked officers.

It was during this period that the well known mantra of the group formed: “The Garden Grows”. Not a motto, per se, but the common saying can be heard in press events, business meetings, and the like. Ever since, the top priority has always been extraordinary growth accompanying the betterment of the system.

As with many large organizations in the area, GII had many squabbles with the local Governor’s Council, whose job it was to preserve the natural beauty of the planet. Ellis was a system meant for tourism, and the Garden had outgrown its welcome. As a young giant, the company was not so rooted in place, and thus, the search for a new center of operations began.

GII finally found a new home in 2946 after many issues and exploratory operations, in Magnus, a blooming system nestled in the center of commerce and ripe with opportunity. GII had already been involved in some peacekeeping and humanitarian aid missions in the region. But with a recent boom in industry and attention in Odyssa, Borea, due to the arrival of Drake Interplanetary, GII saw great opportunity in the future of the planet and system.

In 2946 after 2 more monumental years of growth for GII, the Militia Mobilization Initiative allowed the cooperative to make new strides as a fully armed, protected, and self sustaining entity, capable of fielding full fleets with whatever purpose. With the fortune amassed from only 5 years of full operation, the organization quickly began outfitting it’s security, industrial, and science divisions with new military grade hardware and software to better defend the system, and the UEE as a whole, from insurgents, pirates, and the Vanduul.

Throughout the next 4 years GII would become a foundational part of the local economy, moving all manner of cargo and resources, defending the local populations, and running expeditions to find new opportunities for investment and proliferation.

In 2950, the group finally reached a bit too far. After challenging the authority of multiple local powers in close proximity, GII found itself the target of a coordinated attack, covering both the physical, and connected realms. Practically overnight, approximately 40% of the groups earnings and growth since moving to Magnus was wiped out, and several hundred employees were killed in the aftermath. Those who are left refer to the event as the pruning, and vow to take the company in a more responsible direction, reluctant to reach beyond their abilities again. While the ambition and drive for growth remain, the initiative has stepped into a new phase which sees caution alongside intent.

Entering 2951, GII found itself rebuilding, and exploring new opportunities. The group began branching out into additional systems, to diversify. One of these systems, Stanton, offered incredible economic opportunities, creating a perfect recruitment opportunity for the group in anticipation of another booming period of growth.

A conspicuous opportunity faces you, will you join GII?


The Garden Interstellar Initiative is a branch of The Garden gaming community created by Space Tomato. The Garden is where members go to play any other games outside of Star Citizen or just to relax!

While this organization is a central location for Space Tomato and the content surrounding him, it is also an open community for members of all skill levels to meet, play, learn, and grow. It is our goal to help you with your profession in Star Citizen. Whether you have only just downloaded the game and don’t know how to walk, or you’re a kickstarter backer with an axe to grind, we have a place for you.

You’ll always have something to strive for as you climb the ranks of mastery in your profession. Personal and organizational growth are key to the philosophy and history of GII, and have led to the success of many.

Teamwork (We help you reach your goals)
While some may say “strength in numbers”, we don’t consider you just a number. Each member of GII has a dream that they can pursue, with us at their back. That’s strength you can trust.

Activity (Something to do at every level)
When you get your 2 hours on Tuesday, you’re looking for something to do, quick. When you sign up to GII you can expect daily activity, weekly training sessions, and monthly events.

Flexibility (Our ranking structure allows you to play with GII however you like)
Reflectant of our history as a cooperative of freelance entrepreneurs, when work is assigned, superiors will afford a certain level of autonomy in your work. Promoting creative, efficient, and fun solutions from all leadership ranks.

Peace & Prosperity (Lawful success is our success.)
We are a group of lawful citizens striving towards a better empire for the interests of The Garden. Ultimately, the initiative is to further the interests of the TOMAT Army.


Maintain GII etiquette
Respect others inside and outside of the org, especially during official org operations
Treat anyone lawful you meet in the verse as if they could be a potential business partner. Our first goal is growth.
Strive to help org members whenever possible

Be nice to each other
Leave bad attitudes at the doorstep, don’t carry it into communication channels. Everybody has bad days, but that doesn’t mean those around you also need to.

Real life comes first
Communicate to someone in charge if you need to take a break, they will understand and it won’t have any negative effect on your org standing.
Nothing in this org comes above your life and interests, we only ask you let us know if you will be missing something you’ve signed up for,