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Roberts Space Industries ®

Godwit Interstellar Transport & Services / GODWIT

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Need something moved, repaired, found or refueled? Contact GODWIT for a price quote today!


Founded in 2942 by a group of retired veterans of the UEE Starlift Command, GODWIT seeks to provide logistical support, transportation for hire, and in-space maintenance and repair services to its customers. From humble beginnings, the company saw considerable growth in its first decade, expanding its fleet and scope of operations. GODWIT currently operates out of Stanton, with the company headquarters located on ArcCorp.


When the time comes to get things moving, we at GODWIT will help you on your way. Like the bird of old Earth, that gave our company its name, we will not stop until we achieve our goals. No matter the challenge you face, you can overcome it with GODWIT at your side.


We at GODWIT will always strive to exceed the expectations of our clients. We take pride in our efficiency and uphold strict quality standards set forth by the company founders, all the while maintaining the level of discretion we have become renowned for.


Time is money and at GODWIT we understand the value of efficiency. Optimizing operational parameters is a never-ending effort at GODWIT, and with over a decade of experience, we feel confident in our procedures and the value we offer our clients.


There is no such thing as “good enough” for us here at GODWIT. We want to impress out clients, and work hard to ensure every stage of interaction exceeds expectations.


At GODWIT we consider discretion an essential part of doing business, and maintain a strict internal security structure. Your information is safe with us.