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The Corporation / CORP

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The Corporation is a galaxy-wide organization applying modern technology to build a better tomorrow for all citizens.

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From establishing our first commercially viable trade routes to the exploration of countless new star systems the Corporation has continued to innovate and work towards the realization of a better tomorrow. Over the decades, our various departments, including a fleet of highly trained fighter pilots, have served customers, communities and governments in achieving prosperity, security and stability.


Every day our pilots, prospectors, explorers, engineers and mercenaries work across our galaxy to advance our interests. As they labor, new solar systems, natural resources, industries, trade opportunities and technological advancements emerge and evolve before our eyes. As the largest corporation in the galaxy, we have taken it upon ourselves to constantly explore, expand and discover what lies beyond our current territories.

At the Corporation we support our members in variety of fields, which is why our affiliates are often given total autonomy in their work. We know that taking responsibility for something you are passionate about most often translates directly into more effective results.

No other organization in the universe matches the Corporations incredible safety record. We care about our affiliates, and it shows in the security and defense measures we apply. All interstellar trade runs into dangerous territory are guarded by trained military experts to ensure the health and safety of the crew and the cargo at any time.

We believe that successful companies are open, honest and accountable. That’s why trained corporate representatives are at the disposal of our members to resolve any conflicts before they escalate. While autonomy in choice of business opportunities is our first priority we urge our members to never get caught, when engaging in less than legal activities. The Corporation strives to build the utmost trust in our customers, our contacts and our employees, one system at a time.

The Corporation… a name you can rely on!


Career opportunities
During your affiliation with the Corporation you will be able to earn influence by working towards the goals and ideals of the Corporation. These Influence points will put you into the position to command capital ships or take control of management positions inside the Corporation. We strongly believe that your efforts should be rewarded.

By posting on the forums carrying the corporate banner, you show our presence and give us the opportunity to generate new contacts and leads for business opportunities.

Human resources
By recruiting new members to the Corporation or creating sub divisions with your own staff, you enhance our capabilities and influence in the universe.

Once your hangar doors open, you will be able to participate in missions or group operations with other Corporation members. You will be able to answer or issue requests in the corporate network yourself and other members of the Corporation can participate and help you out.

Those members with the most points (influence) will be put in charge of Corporation operations and manage our assets, divisions or capital ships. By earning yourself and the Corporation credits you enable us to buy new ships for recently promoted members or new assets for our numerous operations. This system grants our members the utmost autonomy and flexibility in their business operations.

If you would like to explore the realm of negotiation and diplomacy, the Corporation can offer you unique career opportunities.
Contact Weyland on our Discord server, to get more information.