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The Continental Fleet / CONTL

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“The Continental: Forged in the stars, defending your destiny. Elite space security for corporations, governments, and adventurers in Star Citizen. Cutting-edge tech, seasoned warriors, boundless dedication.”


“The Continental” emerged from the crucible of galactic conflict, founded by a consortium of seasoned military veterans and visionary entrepreneurs seeking to fill the void left by traditional security forces in the ever-expanding universe of Star Citizen. Established amidst a backdrop of corporate intrigue and territorial disputes, the company quickly distinguished itself through its unwavering commitment to excellence and its ability to adapt to the dynamic challenges of space.

In its formative years, The Continental secured lucrative contracts with prominent corporations, providing escort services for high-value cargo transports traversing the perilous trade routes of Stanton and beyond. Its reputation for reliability and efficiency grew rapidly as it successfully thwarted numerous pirate incursions and hostile actions, earning the trust of its clients and solidifying its position as a premier private military contractor.

As the company expanded its operations, it diversified its portfolio to include strategic support services for governmental entities seeking to assert their influence in contested regions of space. From neutralizing insurgent threats to conducting reconnaissance missions in uncharted territories, The Continental demonstrated its versatility and proficiency, garnering acclaim for its ability to deliver results under even the most adverse conditions.

With each successful contract, The Continental forged new alliances and solidified its reputation as a stalwart defender of order and stability in the cosmos. Its track record of proven performance and unwavering dedication to its clients became legendary, attracting the attention of high-profile individuals and organizations seeking the best in space security solutions.

Today, The Continental stands as a beacon of strength and resilience in a galaxy fraught with uncertainty. From the bustling trade lanes of the United Empire of Earth to the lawless expanses of the Pyro system, its elite cadre of warriors and cutting-edge technology continue to safeguard the interests of those who dare to venture into the unknown. As the company looks to the future, it remains steadfast in its commitment to shaping the destiny of the stars and ensuring a safer, more prosperous tomorrow for all who call the cosmos their home.



In the cosmic theater of strife, where stars collide and empires clash, The Continental emerges as the vanguard of order and the epitome of fortitude. With blades honed in the crucible of conflict and hearts forged in the fires of determination, we stand resolute against the tides of chaos, unwavering in our commitment to defend and conquer.

Our Mission:
To carve our legacy in the annals of space, to vanquish adversaries with unwavering resolve, and to etch our mark upon the celestial canvas as architects of victory.

Our Vision:
A universe where the roar of battle heralds the dawn of a new era, where courage ignites the flames of progress, and where the stars themselves bow to the indomitable will of The Continental.

Our Values:

Valor: We charge into the fray with fearless abandon, knowing that in the heat of battle, our mettle is tested and our legend forged.

Precision: Every strike, every maneuver, is executed with the finesse of a master artisan, ensuring that victory is not just achieved, but earned with meticulous precision.

Unity: Bound by the bonds of brotherhood, we stand as one against the forces of chaos, our strength magnified by the unity of purpose and the solidarity of spirit.

Adaptation: In the ever-shifting landscape of conflict, we embrace change as an opportunity, transforming adversity into advantage with ingenuity and cunning.

Glory: Through our deeds, we carve our names into the annals of history, ensuring that the echoes of our triumphs resound throughout the cosmos for eternity.

Our Battle Motto:
“Through Fire and Fury, We Rise Victorious.”


Rules of Engagement for The Continental Fleet:

Compliance with Galactic Law: The Continental Fleet shall adhere to all applicable laws and regulations set forth by galactic authorities, ensuring that our operations are conducted with integrity and respect for interstellar governance.

Defensive Prioritization: The primary objective of The Continental Fleet is the defense of our clients, their assets, and our own personnel. Engagements shall prioritize defensive actions, with offensive maneuvers employed only in response to imminent threats or aggression.

Proportional Response: The use of force by The Continental Fleet shall be proportional to the level of threat posed. Lethal force is authorized only as a last resort when all other options have been exhausted and when necessary to protect life or critical assets.

Protection of Non-Combatants: The safety and well-being of non-combatants, civilians, and bystanders shall be paramount in all engagements. The Continental Fleet shall take all reasonable measures to minimize collateral damage and avoid harm to innocent parties.

Respect for Sovereignty: The Continental Fleet shall respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of all entities within the galaxy, refraining from unauthorized incursions or actions that violate the sovereignty of others without just cause or lawful authority.

Ethical Conduct: Members of The Continental Fleet shall conduct themselves with honor, integrity, and professionalism at all times. Actions that are contrary to the principles of morality or ethics are strictly prohibited.

Accountability and Transparency: The leadership of The Continental Fleet shall maintain accountability for all actions undertaken by its personnel, ensuring transparency in decision-making processes and providing clear justification for operational activities when required.

Continuous Training and Evaluation: The Continental Fleet shall prioritize continuous training and evaluation of its personnel to maintain the highest standards of proficiency and readiness in all aspects of space warfare and security operations.

Adherence to Protocol: Standard operating procedures and protocols established by The Continental Fleet shall be followed diligently by all personnel to ensure consistency, efficiency, and effectiveness in mission execution.

Adaptability and Innovation: The Continental Fleet shall embrace adaptability and innovation in response to emerging threats, technological advancements, and changing operational environments, ensuring our readiness to overcome any challenge encountered in the pursuit of our mission.