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Roberts Space Industries ®

Atlas Intergalactic / ATLASIN

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Atlas Corporation was founded in 2035 by Jonathan Irons and quickly grew to be the largest privately owned Military entity on Earth. After Irons’ death in 2061, Atlas was left crippled by his actions until a young Gideon Emery stepped up to fill the void. Gideon Emery, a low level operative in Atlas, not long after he forwent re-enlistment in the United States Marine Corps in favor of working for Atlas Corporation. Gideon was a key figure in the fight against Irons within Atlas Corporation while Sentinel was attacking them head-on. After Sentinel successfully sieged New Baghdad from Atlas Corporation killing Irons in the process, Gideon was appointed as acting Chief Executive Officer of Atlas Corporation until retaining the title a year later after proving his leadership capability to Atlas’ Strategic Command. Gideon continued building Atlas Corporation from the ground up forging it into the reputable company it is today.


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