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Ascenden / ASCENDEN

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“Attero Dominatus – In the shadow’s grasp, we shape the galaxy’s fate. Ascenden: where power, secrecy, and dominance converge.”

Ascenden epitomizes supremacy in the galactic expanse, harnessing centuries of wisdom and strategic brilliance. Rooted in unwavering loyalty and a commitment to excellence


Who’s asking?


Who’s asking?


We, the members of the Ascenden Syndicate, hereby establish this charter to define our structure, roles, responsibilities, and operational guidelines. Guided by our motto, “Attero Dominatus,” meaning “Destroy Tyranny,” we seek to safeguard humanity and shape the destiny of civilizations through strategic manipulation and covert influence

Article I: Vision and Mission • Vision: To establish Ascenden as the paramount syndicate in the galaxy, wielding influence over political, economic, and military spheres. • Mission: To manipulate galactic events from the shadows, secure strategic resources, and maintain our dominance through covert operations and alliances.

Article II: Code of Conduct • Loyalty and Unity: Members must exhibit unwavering loyalty to Ascenden and its mission. Internal disputes should be resolved through appropriate channels to maintain unity. • Secrecy and Discretion: All operations and internal affairs are to be kept strictly confidential. Unauthorized disclosure of confidential information will result in severe consequences. • Competence and Professionalism: Members are expected to demonstrate the highest levels of skill, intelligence, and professionalism. Continuous improvement through training and self-development is encouraged. • Integrity and Honor: Members must act with a code of honor, avoiding unnecessary cruelty and preserving Ascenden’s reputation. Honor and respect towards fellow members are paramount.

Article III: Organizational Structure • Ranks ◦ Ascendant: Visionary leaders overseeing overarching goals, alliances, and long-term strategies ensuring Ascenden’s dominance and influence across the galaxy. ◦ Warden: Senior commanders excelling in military strategy, resource allocation, and maintaining security. ◦ Sentinel: Elite operatives conducting covert operations, intelligence gathering, and defensive actions. ◦ Operative: Versatile specialists skilled in a wide array of disciplines, from combat and technology to diplomacy and trade. ◦ Agent: Field operatives trained in infiltration, combat, and intelligence. ◦ Initiate: Newly recruited members undergoing rigorous training and indoctrination. • Roles ◦ Council of Ascendancy: Composed of enigmatic visionaries, who possess ancient wisdom and strategic foresight, guiding long-term strategies and preserving ancient knowledge and secrets. ◦ High Archons: Senior officers overseeing internal operations, strategic initiatives, and resource management. ◦ Harbinger: Skilled recruiters integrating exceptional operatives and specialists into Ascenden. ◦ Herald: Masters of perception and influence, managing public image, propaganda, and conducting influence operations.

Article IV: Recruitment and Training • Recruitment: Harbingers identify and recruit individuals with exceptional skills, vetted thoroughly to ensure loyalty and competence. • Training: Initiates undergo rigorous training in combat, espionage, survival skills, engineering, medical services, and tactical operations. They assist higher-ranked members in operational tasks, maintain security protocols, and integrate into Ascenden’s culture and organizational structure. Continuous development is emphasized for all members.

Article V: Operations • Covert Operations
Sentinels and Agents engage in clandestine activities including espionage, sabotage, undercover operations, and piracy to advance Ascenden’s interests. These missions involve reconnaissance to gather intelligence on rivals, executing sabotage to disrupt enemy operations, conducting piracy to intercept shipments, and undertaking covert infiltrations to undermine competitors. The goal is to maintain a strategic advantage through information dominance and tactical disruption. • Strategic Initiatives
High Archons and Wardens lead large-scale operations that include overseeing defensive fortifications, managing complex logistics chains, coordinating defensive measures against threats, and directing bounty hunting operations. These initiatives require meticulous planning and execution to ensure Ascenden’s influence and control over critical regions and resources while safeguarding against hostile actions. • Mining and Salvaging Operations
Ascenden specializes in the extraction and recovery of valuable resources from asteroids, derelicts, and other sources. Using advanced mining ships and salvage equipment, operatives extract minerals and recover salvageable items, processing these materials for sale or further use. The operations ensure a steady flow of income and resources, vital for maintaining the economic strength of Ascenden. • Smuggling and Trading Operations
Operatives manage and secure illicit trade routes, negotiating deals for contraband and ensuring the safe transport and sale of goods across the galaxy. These operations involve navigating through heavily patrolled sectors, evading or confronting law enforcement and pirates, and coordinating with a network of contacts to maximize profit. The activities support Ascenden’s financial goals and expand its influence in various markets. • Influence and Propaganda
Heralds craft and disseminate propaganda to shape public perception and political landscapes in favor of Ascenden. They manage the syndicate’s public image, conduct influence operations to sway opinions and decisions, and collaborate with Sentinels for intelligence gathering to tailor their messages effectively. By controlling the narrative, they ensure that Ascenden remains a formidable and respected entity. • Bounty Hunting
Operatives track, apprehend, or eliminate targets designated by Ascenden or contracted clients. Engaging in both space and ground combat, they pursue fugitives, capture high-value targets, and eliminate threats with precision. Successful missions enhance their reputation, unlocking higher-paying and more challenging assignments, securing strategic advantages for Ascenden. • Security Operations
Sentinels deploy defensive strategies to protect syndicate assets and ensure operational security. They defend important installations, neutralize threats through coordinated combat operations, and provide personal protection for key personnel. Their role is to maintain a secure environment for all of Ascenden’s operations, preventing sabotage, espionage, and direct attacks from rival factions. • Courier and Cargo Delivery
Operatives undertake missions to transport goods across the galaxy, managing logistics to ensure timely and safe deliveries. These missions range from simple cargo runs to high-risk deliveries requiring navigation through hostile territories. Couriers must be adept at avoiding or confronting pirates and other threats to complete their assignments, ensuring that critical supplies and goods reach their destinations without incident. • Exploration
Contracts involve scanning and discovering new locations, surveying planets, and investigating anomalies. Explorers use advanced technology to map uncharted territories, uncovering valuable resources and scientific phenomena. Their discoveries contribute to Ascenden’s knowledge base and can lead to new opportunities for expansion and resource acquisition, reinforcing the syndicate’s strategic position. • Investigation
Missions focus on solving mysteries and uncovering hidden information. Investigators delve into derelict ships, expose corporate espionage, and resolve criminal activities by piecing together clues and gathering evidence. These operations require keen observation, problem-solving skills, and sometimes combat to navigate dangerous environments and confront hostile forces. Successful investigations bolster Ascenden’s intelligence capabilities and provide actionable insights. • Maintenance
Contracts involve repairing ships, maintaining stations, and ensuring the operational functionality of equipment. Engineers and technicians work on infrastructure upkeep, perform routine maintenance, and address technical issues to keep everything running smoothly. These activities are crucial for the uninterrupted operation of Ascenden’s various ventures, ensuring that all systems and vessels are in peak condition. • Priority Missions
High-stakes contracts that require immediate attention and often involve critical objectives. Operatives respond to distress signals, undertake urgent diplomatic missions, and complete time-sensitive tasks that can significantly impact larger events in the game. These missions demand quick decision-making, exceptional skill, and the ability to adapt to rapidly changing circumstances, often leading to significant rewards and strategic advantages for Ascenden.

Article VI: Resources and Finances • Resource Management: Ascendants oversee the allocation of resources, ensuring strategic reserves for operations and maintaining operational readiness. Activities include directing diplomatic negotiations, planning for expansion, and preserving ancient knowledge. • Financial Operations: High Archons manage financial assets, including investments, trade operations, and covert funding channels. Activities include manipulating markets, negotiating deals for resources, conducting research into new technologies, and managing financial logistics for Ascenden’s operations.

Article VII: Amendments to the Charter • Proposed amendments to the charter must be reviewed and approved by the High Council. • Amendments require a two-thirds majority vote within the High Council for adoption.

Ascenden’s strength lies in unity, secrecy, and the relentless pursuit of dominance. By adhering to this charter, we ensure our legacy endures, our power remains unchallenged, and our influence shapes the galaxy’s future.