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October 12th 2013

$22 Million and Hangar Patch Live!
Star Citizen's backers have propelled the project to $22 million in funding!

$22 Million!

Greetings Citizens,

Two pieces of great news: after a long night of hard work, the promised Hangar patch is available! You can check out the Avenger, the privateer outfit, the Aurora LN, the fish tank… and a few other surprises. The second piece of news is that in just four days, we’ve hit $22 million in crowd funding! Between the hangar patch, the bomber reveals, the Aurora LN, CIG Manchester and the start of The Next Great Starship, this has been a big anniversary week… and the best is yet to come!

At $22 million, you’ve unlocked the following goal:

  • Facial Capture System. We’ve researched a technology that uses a series of cameras to capture real heads and import them into the game. This will let the team more easily create a variety of realistic characters. In addition, the technology is mobile enough to allow us to take it on the road and capture select fans during special events! You can learn more about this technology at Infinite-Realities.

We’re very excited about how this is going to improve the game (and our artists are eager to start playing with this technology!) I’m also pleased to announce our $24 million goal:

  • Public Transportation System – Need to get from one place to another but don’t have a starship? We’re building a galactic transportation system. You can travel via transport from system to system in Star Citizen and even ship items (like a ship you need move to another hangar.) With this stretch goal, we’ll expand this system: star liners, long range transports, charter ships and flyable shuttles!

In addition to this immersion-enhancing design upgrade, we’re also going to dedicate some of the additional funding to making next year’s CitizenCon a bigger event! Thank you for making this all possible. Keep spreading the word!

- Chris Roberts

New Packages

One of the major features of the new patch is the introduction of the Aegis Dynamics Avenger in the hangar module, which you can check out and explore right away in-game. As mentioned in our Happy Birthday post, we have made an Avenger package (Advanced Hunter) available in the store so future bounty hunters can start right off with some cool equipment.

Avenger AddonAvenger Package (Advanced Hunter)

Also viewable in the hangar module is the newly revealed 2944 Aurora Legionnaire, which we have made available for the next week!

Aurora LN Package (Next Gen. Aurora)Aurora LN Addon ShipAurora LN Upgrade

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