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  • Afaz
    Then, In Puerto Rico we'd have these places called chinchorros where like its an old lady and she'll cook like one huge awesome homecooked dish for the day and sell it on the cheap for day laborers and the like. If you missed it then you were out of luck and you had to wait until tomorrow! You don't necessarily have to do puerto rican food though, maybe you could do like traditional southern italian, or chicken fried steak/biscuits and gravy style soul food. Just some ideas man, I hope they help. Waiting to see what you come up with next!
    March 2015
  • Afaz
    Let me try to think of some ideas for you, if I may;

    I don't know how familiar you are with german/bavarian food but you could try maybe a biergarten or wurstkitchen that caters to UEE soldiers as well as travelers in general, I saw a lot of that when I was in the army.

    I saw a lot of delis and diners when I lived in New Jersey so maybe one of those in an inner city or industrial setting like Stanton (I can't think of another planet, sorry) could be worth writting about. In jersey those places were always owned by greek or jewish people, so there's that.
    March 2015
  • Afaz
    Hi gryphon,

    I just finished reading your good eats thread and I just felt like I needed to tell you how much I enjoyed your awesome made up food reviews. Like, not only did I get hungry when I read them (good job), but each one reflects the story and the culture of the folks behind that restaurant. Everywhere I travel to I try to eat the local food cause the cuisine and culture are so intertwined, that you pretty much have to in order to wrap your head around the people there. That kind of cultural immersion is one of the biggest things I've been hoping we'll be able to experience with this game. So, basically, your thread resonated a lot with me :D.
    March 2015