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Logical_Chimp Apex Predator


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    Well .. thanks for helping out ill try to figure ou were my ships are ... like i said in the tread ... whn you play alone its very hard to find or figure out shit on this game
    December 2016
    • GangsterFist
      Shit yeah I agree. Its taken me a long time to figure this game out.
  • NomadJax
    love your quote, Not a complete idiot , missing parts. to get the parts you must fill out the I D 10 T form lol thanks for your knowledge
    November 2016
  • Seti_Zen
    LC - just wanted to say I've been noticing your comments on the forums more and more, and have found them very informative and offering a balanced perspective on topics.

    Rather than scanning through pages of comments, its often useful just to pick out your's for an effective TLDR for the whole subject matter and read the salient comments you are responding to.

    Keep up the good work pally - see you in the verse.
    November 2016
  • insomnia_shipping
    You earned my respect in the physically based damage thread by arguing varied perspectives without bandwagoning. The world could use more people like you.
    April 2015
    • Magnitude
      Why does CIG troll us and spam us when they claim to hate people that do the same?
  • Wdllt
    Is he a developer of CIG?
    April 2015
    • Logical_Chimp
      Me? Gosh no - they work far too hard for my tastes :D
      I am a software developer, just not for CIG :)
  • iubiubiub
    very helpful guy =)
    October 2014
  • Krassimir
    Thanks for the clear answers.
    August 2014