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Inc Fooled!


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  • Aldasar
    Hey! Was just looking at your recruitment pages. I had a few questions. If you get the chance I'd like to talk and see if the organization would be a good fit.
    June 2016
  • nauttdog
    Hello from ULMC! Would love to play sometime with you guys.
    January 2016
  • MrClemintine
    Couldn't chat with you in game. That one game chat function couldn't work. Definitely see you in the game just don't eject before missiles hit... :) -Cheers
    January 2015
    • Inc
      hehe, dont shoot 54 missiles at me between you all then :P Agaisnt you guys I have to get out or die! My game crashed unfortunatly!
    • MrClemintine
      That's the ol' Lefty that lauched 4 at you. I've been good just sending 2 your way. Keep up the good work! As a reminder; it's 3-0 Clemintine. Your last spam before the clock went out didn't count. ;P