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Zulu_Sauer Space Marshal


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  • Bazu
    Hello! I think the ship charts are awesome! I'm a huge BMM fan and think it sucks there is so little information on this ship. It's going to be interesting to see how it turns out once they start moving it though the pipeline. I noticed one of the charts had the BMM width at something around 40m when it's actually 135m in berth. One of the reason I bought them is that they're wider than they are longer. I'd love to see this on one of your next charts. just a heads up! Cheers and thanks for the great work!
    January 2016
    • Zulu_Sauer
      I don't have widths listed, so I am not sure were you are seeing 40m in width? The charts show it is a little more than 80m wide.
  • Merco
    hey Zulu I like topic on ship size comparison good reference for newbies and even vets alike, just wondering if you were going to keep updating it still or if, you were going to wait abit for more ships to update at once
    November 2015
  • DavZ
    Hi, i wonder how you can play with multiple monitors. I've own two and have been trying for ages !
    June 2014
    • Zulu_Sauer
      Two is not ideal. Your aiming reticle will end up in between the two screens).

      You'll want three, all the same resolution and ideal the same refresh rate. You will also need a video card that supports it.

      It's expensive to get set up right and other than looking pretty, won't help much in SC since you can mark your contacts and an arrow on the screen tracks them for you. And the Oculus Rift is going to be cheaper and a better set up for this game.