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  • Japer
    Semper Fidelis Devil Dog... I serviced during the last 90s and enlisted at the age of 17 and turned 18 my second week in P.I. I was promo to Squad Leader on my B.Day and also did my push ups and spent most of my time on the quarter deck... must've been an inside joke from my S.D.I. Service my last detail in H.Q. Nice to see Marines are interested in this game. Ohhh-Raaa!!!
    January 2014
    • Japer
      sorry typo I meant "also did more push-ups" lol
  • Owosci
    Hello there,

    My fleet has a Marine division and we would love to have real Marines among it members.

    I was never in the Corps however I was in the Air Force for a number of years and served in multiple joint commands.

    Take care,
    November 2013
  • The_Grey_Man
    Hoy mate, noticed you avatar. You currently in the Corps? I'm stationed out here in Okinawa, was curious if there were more Marines around in the community.

    November 2013
    • Brokinarrow
      Not currently, i got out in 08, i was actually stationed in Oki for a couple years myself on Camp Hansen :) i do know there are at least a few marines around the community, not sure how many are active.
    • The_Grey_Man
      Small Corps, I'm on Hansen right now. Not my first choice of a duty station, but it's what I got. Glad to see some compatriots around! S/F!
    • Astrodude
      Hi Zak I was a Marine in Viet Nam thanks for your service mate Semper Fi
    • The_Grey_Man
      @HighTimes Semper Fi mate! Always glad to run into a comrade!
  • testing something here... as we don't have an official friendslist, going to use the tags in a comment on my page as a makeshift list:

    November 2013
    • Brokinarrow
      hmm, only links to the Citizen Dossier, might not work as planned....
  • Grimholtt
    Just a quick note... I enjoy your posts in the Den. Thanks for the intelligent commentary.
    October 2013