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  • Capt_Rahl
    Hi Ben, I have a problem and I don't know who to talk to. I wanted to buy back a old pledge that I recently melted because I wanted the original ship again. But it seems like that's not possible and now I'm screwed, please help.
    December 2016
    • BParry_CIG
      Hi Capt_Rahl, afraid I'm not someone who knows anything in that area. Even testing on a live server I end up having to ask someone in QA how to log in properly.
  • Serialflakes
    Guys, I've been noticing that I get disconnected a lot - and I've been online with other friends and I'm realizing that this network issue seems to be related to too many firewall connections - the random "crashes" are more likely not random, but seem to me to be the firewall connections count going too high - or perhaps you have some protection mechanisms that are engaging too early.. or maybe your DDoS protections are running in aggregated-mode across all servers when they should be classified DDoS protections so the protection is per server and not per farm?
    November 2016
    • BParry_CIG
      I'm sorry, Serialflakes, I'm only a graphicsman. I know little about firewalls.
    • Archangel_666
      Well the most crashes and d-sync in game at the moment is due to the netcode, as I understand they are using old cryengine netcode that's not ment for multiplayer. So they upgraded that to work partualy ok as they build the all new netcode.
      So crashes and some wierd netcode behavior is to be expected untill new netcode is online and working ;)
  • VikingAC

    Could you please take a look at your private-messages? :)

    October 2016
    • BParry_CIG
      Sorry I didn't respond to that - I'ma graphics coder. Thought I'd let DiscoLando handle the question.
    • VikingAC
      Thank you for the reply. Would it be possible for you to redirect the message towards him? :)
  • Niarbeht
    Hello! Thanks for the reply about Linux compatibility/porting etc. It's good to get a reply, even if that reply isn't a confirmation of all our wildest dreams :P
    August 2016
  • Cygnus
    Hey, there! It's Jenner from the ED forums. :) Your wall is empty so I figured that needed to change. lol.
    May 2016
    • BParry_CIG
      Until now, I didn't even know I had a wall. Hello!