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AlanFord Scout


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  • Rengdar_X
    Check this out.......

    August 2016
    • AlanFord
      Dude :D
      That was fun time. I always love going at spawns with other people and cause massive pirate spawns when possible.
      That was cool.
  • Godwin

    If you rent all curently flyable ships, and test their speed (PRE, SCM, CRU) you could help me. I need that info for my stats thread.

    You're working on one too? Let's help each other, check this:
    December 2015
  • Aramyl
    Can you tell me how you feel the game with your X55 Hotas after you will test with 2.0 patch please. I run this Hoats too )

    November 2015
    • AlanFord
      Well you only get 5-8 min of play time because of instability, but the Rhino performs great. LaM now gives you way more deflection while keeping the nose stabile.
  • eurowarrior
    I love your orgs avatar
    April 2015
    • AlanFord
      The Oddysee logo? Or the my signature? :)
      Thanks btw.