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  • thesoupnotsi
    Your Channel is Awesome!!!! So much info explained in such a short time in your video but they are done so well i Cant wait to see future videos from you!!! Was really cool watching you stream with BoredGamer and WTFOSAURUS i watch them when ever i can. See You In The Verse!!!
    February 24
      Thanks for posting, I am hoping to continue to push past just Youtube.
  • Phox
    I wanted to stop by and thank you for your YouTube content. You're my favorite Star Citizen YouTuber, and you have some of the most clearly laid out and straight forward videos for many topics. Also wanted to thank you and your other half for serving in the military.
    December 2016
      I appreciate you taking the time to post that. 2017 is shaping up to be a big year for Star Citizen and hopefully my YouTube. O7
  • Rammstein777
    December 2016
  • Jett_Heller
    Great recent video/narration telling people to remain calm and tha he sky is not falling re delays. You hit the bail on the head - things are just getting better, not worse and this is going to be the bests Scifi game out there. Cheers from Australia.
    October 2016
      Thanks and sorry for not commenting earlier. For some reason this message did not show up in Email for me. 07
  • Deadhiel
    Great post about not worrying brother! Nice work, with yah all the way mate.
    October 2016
      Its important that people not burn themselves out worrying about crap.. :)
  • Logan_Vos

    I wanted to ask how to access HCS ASTRA's "social" phrases. I'm not sure of the commands to ask about the constellations etc.
    The phrases given in the .PDF don't seem to work.

    I have the 2.5 update pack.

    Are there any common mistakes I might have made setting her up?

    I run legacy KB and I wonder if that might interfere with a few things... for instance she confirms auto take off, but doesn't actually do it. Power management etc works fine.

    Cheers very much,
    October 2016
  • Jedesis
    Nice content, enjoyable and informative.
    October 2016
      Thanks for that, I appreciate you taking the time to post that.
  • Freltzo
    Fixed your setup for ya!
    August 2016
  • JRwhite
    Great videos, just wondering what's the status of your dual Warthog setup? As I found your channel while looking for a LH stick. Thanks, JR
    August 2016
      I am hoping to see it in a week or two. Just in time for 2.5
  • Afuryin_heaven
    Love you vids man
    May 2016
      Thanks a lot, They are a blast to make and force me to research shit.
  • daddy19
    watched your vid on voice attack-this was cool. how much does that cost?
    November 2015