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TRON Wing Commander


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  • Tulcass
    Hi Tron... I've been a little bit disconnected from SC verse and now reading all the updates, I've also remembered that I've got some ships with the life time insurance thanks to you :)
    So hi again mr Tron, I hope the buggy gets useful at some point XD.
    October 2015
    • TRON
      Hey dude :) Your welcome and yes I remember! I still have that buggy! I remember using is a lot in the old hangars trying to ram my ships and knock everything over lol.
  • Valkyre
    That's some damn good flying out there mate =) Always a pleasure seeing you in AC!
    June 2014
    • TRON
      You too mate :) Good fights! See you in the verse!
  • Bug1i5h
    Your on 1999 posts. Better make your 2k post awesome :p
    June 2014
    • TRON
      lol I didn't even notice. :P No idea what my 2000 post was lol
  • adambomb
    Didn't catch the date, lol, was a little old.
    June 2014
    • TRON
      A little? Try 11 months! lol Is cool it might spark another discussion on it which is always good. :)
  • Wolfire
    fellow Scottish Star Citizen! Im looking to start monthly meet ups with people from Glasgow and Edinburgh, here in Edinburgh to discuss all things SC. Let me know if your interested.

    Neil (arclight)
    April 2014
    • TRON
      Bit to far away for me mate by about 300+ miles, cheers for the offer.
  • Daftshep
    Hahah, does it feel good to have claimed the name 'TRON'? :D
    January 2014
    • TRON
      Yes, yes it does :)
  • :) Yes I hope they do implement it eventually, got so many people to add lol
    November 2013
  • Seraph84
    Remind me to add you as a friend, once they implement that feature on the new website
    November 2013