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Logante Moderator


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  • Dao_Jones
    You win the internet for today with your excellent use of a Naked Gun gif in your moderation of this thread:

    Bravo, sir. Bravo.
    July 2016
    • Logante
      Everything is better with Naked Gun. It's one of those unwritten rules in life.
  • BunnieMittens
    Wow you're not bias or anything, closed my thread saying I'm provoking someone and completely ignore the guy who called me and asshole even after I reported him. Is the whole community sexist or just you?
    December 2015
    • Logante
      Please read your moderator PM before jumping to any conclusions. As for reports, they are taken as they arrive to moderators. I have not gotten to your flag yet. Patience.
  • greenf
    yes thank you for answering that. i kind of freaked out a little but i understand way it happened. also i really didnt know any mods i could contact about it so sorry for the extra post
    November 2015
    • Logante
      No worries! :) I hope the tip helped in how to find your posts in cases of merging.
  • Saifai13
    Enjoyed talking to you at quake con 2015 ,hope the video didn't break your phone,
    Saifai (Scott)
    P.S. If you get any info on a DFW convention let me know !
    July 2015
  • Irres
    I can no longer edit it, I'm guessing locked?
    February 2015
  • Irres
    Sorry I was actually editing that to be more along the lines of what you said......and not as joking.
    Don't ban me please :)
    February 2015
  • LeFuse
    Thanks for all your help man, once my stuff works i hope to see you out there!
    January 2015
  • CapAiwa
    Hi Logante, I'm from Argentina and I would love to buy your game, but I'm afraid I can not.
    I want you recommend I talk to someone who speaks Spanish to find a way to fulfill my wish .
    From already thank you very much ...
    December 2014
    • Logante
      Heya. It's been awhile since I forwarded your request along. I just was going through my wall and wanted to make sure all was well on your end.
  • Shankerz
    The Hottest Man in Star Citizen... Girls just want a chance to get a lock of his pubic hair! I hear it can ebay for 500$ (No joke.... it happened)
    October 2014
  • Pym
    hey my friend have a life [resacted] and see you in the verse
    October 2014
    • Pym
      redacted *
  • Nezakhan
    Still wearing that mask, huh?
    *throws brown M&M's at Logante's mask, and watches as they bounce to the floor* - because you can still hear him cry.
    May 2014
  • LykeLight
    sorry for spamming threads. it will not happen again.
    December 2013
  • Tarka_Dal

    December 2013
  • ShadowCross
    Love the new moderator color scheme! :) Good job! And my g/f will love it too, she purple is her favorite color :)
    November 2013
  • Godwin
    Wow so you were in APB too? I wonder how many... Darn getting the urge to get in a car with a few fellow crims again :D
    October 2013