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Thoughtfulwander01 Cartographer


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  • Jeunesse
    Hi TJ, can I enter your org as a sub under the name Black Stump (Org Name)
    December 2015
  • Jeunesse
    I just melted my ships for a redeemer. still have 54 USD credits and about 30 in meltable items
    November 2015
    • Thoughtfulwander01
      Cool a Redeemer is a pretty cool ship. Like the look of all those guns :) Looks like a porcupine :)
  • Arktac
    Amazing work on the armor build, I hope everything continues to go as plan and it turns out perfect.
    August 2015
  • Jeunesse
    Thoughtful, are you a Cartographer in real life, or is that your chosen game profession?
    I used to be one in real life.
    March 2015
    • Thoughtfulwander01
      Just won it from the game with the exploration during the Carrack LTI sale. Sorry I just saw this didn't mean to ignore you. TW