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  • Swash
    Jeez, RadiantFlux, maybe if you stopped saying "cock" so much, you wouldn't be on probation.

    Shame... Shame... Shame...

    September 2016
    • RadiantFlux
      :D :D But ..... Cockpits ... DOH!
  • Pantegana
    I do not want to disturb the forum during the Q & A ;)
    probably there is space for passengers seats as cutlass for Terrapin, details in photos.
    Best regard commander.
    August 2016
  • Back soon. View of the Prospector is a good reason. ;)
    April 2016
  • I have left the game for now.
    I do not intend to invest time and passion into a game where the cockpit view is so limited that it spoils game perception on too many ships, that would otherwise be very interesting and well designed. It is sad and disappointing to see that view reduction is over-used in a bad way.

    I will have a look at it all again some time in the future, but right now my passion for the game has turned around. I invested too much time already and feel now that I was basically nothing more than a viral marketing tool, besides the $910 USD in invested -> Closed my YouTube channel btw.

    Ship cockpit insides do help immersion, but blocking the view too much is not "immersive" but simply fun reduction.
    Cockpit view obstruction is like salt in food. Overuse it and nobody will eat the food, no matter how good it looks.

    Hope to find a reason to come back some time.
    March 2016
    • Coren747
      Hope to see you around soon mate. I agree with you, but I think you needed to vent another way first before throwing abuse around.

      See you in the Verse soon I hope.
    • Pete_J
      The 11th will always welcome you back with open arms RF! When you're ready, we'll be more than glad to get you back up to speed with the game in it's current state. The game will be great, it just needs more time.
    • Thylbana
      Well, hopefully this time away will allow you to reevaluate your priorities and if you find that cockpit view is still a deal breaker, It's been fun while it lasted. I bid you a fond adieu.
    • MudkickerAlpha
      Good luck mate, hope everything works out ok in the end. If not I'm not too far behind you.
    • RadiantFlux
      I'll be back soon. :)
  • Tom-ahawk
    I still use your decoupled post for people who have no idea it is even an option in the game:

    Thank you :)
    December 2015
    • RadiantFlux
      Cool :D
      Glad to hear that it still has value. ^^
    • Magnitude
      Sorry you got banned.
    • RadiantFlux
      Ah, was only for a day :P