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JPugh_CIG Staff


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  • sniper2333
    † Rest in Peace
    November 2015
  • JamesDJones
    There goes @JPUGH_CIG any you all just met a Dev. * Points fingers at camera *
    September 2015
  • Migo420
    September 2015
  • Novus_Nova
    James? Jaaaaaaames?! T-T
    September 2015
  • DeusExMachina28
    Sorry to see you go mate. You always came across as a cool guy.

    PS. I hope a certain someone didn't call you a "fucker".

    September 2015
  • minionsoldier
    this can't be...
    September 2015
  • Marcus_Draco
    James, you actually treated the community like adults, and like most Cutlass owners, I am extremely grateful. I even cancelled a Customer Service ticket where I was seeking a partial refund. The reason is I was starting to hope that it would actually get fixed thanks to your efforts. I hope your disappearing profile is just a computer glitch, as you have represented your company well and demonstrated excellent customer service.
    September 2015
    • M3neillos
      I have bad news for you :(
    • Marcus_Draco
  • pgabz
    Has this dude been fired?
    September 2015
  • Novus_Nova
    James, keep hope alive! :)
    September 2015
  • thanatos1973
    Thanks for the Cutlass Thread, James. I just wish I had been able to finish my post before you closed it. Basic idea, use the original concept art to build the 2944 Cutlass, and the current semi-flyable Cutlass is the 2945. I had some fan lore to go with it too.
    September 2015
  • Shardfall
    Thanks for making the cutlass feedback thread James. It was definitely needed and we appreciate your effort.
    September 2015
  • Ravenedge
    This was very helpful for me and my team Cheers
    September 2015
  • Grand-Admiral-Kern
    Thank You and ALL the Folks that are making this game the Greatest Game that has ever been conceived!

    You ALL are appreciated!

    We LOVE the Ship Update Chart, it helps us too see where our ships are in the pipeline (it does help to calm our nerves;)

    It is right up there with "Ship Shape" as one of the most important communications you Folks can have with us the Backers:)

    When PU launches We will all be out there in the Verse with each other "Battle Buddies" and "Villains" alike, This Chart gives a tool to keep things exciting until Launch.
    August 2015
  • Icantstop
    I know that new ship progress pages were just announced at Gamescom, but is it possible to have the current pages updated? Some haven't been touched since July 17th. Thanks!
    August 2015
    • JamesDJones
      Yes I support this I am looking forward to hearing more about the carrack personally @
  • GC3
    Just to come out of left field if u don't mind (though I doubt I'm the first to ask). Would there ever be the option of applying Mecha to the Vers? You know Gundam Wing/ Jaeger/ Mobile Suit space combat. You already have the thrust tech/ Physics for it with our ships.
    July 2015
  • Theodoulos
    The ship stats are great!
    Thank you.
    Is there a chance you could ask to have this as a web page which is updated weekly for us?

    Thanks Again. You guys are doing a GREAT job. Keep up the good work.

    BTW - Yes, Tifa is awesome! :)
    July 2015
    • Icantstop
      Definitely second this.
  • Arelon
    Hi James, I notice on the ship status post the Avenger and its variants are all single seats does this mean the training variant no longer exist? And for the backers that spent the extra $15 to get the training variant are they SOL? And feedback on this is greatly appreciated.
    July 2015
  • JVortex
    Thanks for the Ship Status post! I have thought for some time (and mentioned a couple times) that this would be a better approach to keep us up to date on all the spinning plates.
    July 2015
  • Zaokun
    Thanks James (and crew) for the ship update forum post! Can only imagine the run-around you had to go through to get the info.

    Thanks again!
    July 2015
  • Deerslayer
    Hey James, it was a pleasant surprise to see you and Lando participating in the 8-Bit Salute this last weekend! My buddy works for OSD and would like to get in touch with you both to thank you and make sure you guys get the proper follow-up stuff from OSD. Could I get an appropriate email address from you so I can send you his contact info or at least the name of any OSD guys you are currently in contact with so my friend at least knows you're bein' properly taken care of?

    PS I don't forum much, despite bein' a long-time backer, so if there's a better place for this than your public "wall", I'd sure like to know! Thanks!
    May 2015
  • B1ack_Drag0n
    James, congrats on the promotion, well deserved from what I've seen of you. Is Tifa an Olde English Bulldogge? She's beautiful, and looks a heck of a lot like my Sherman, so had to ask.
    December 2014
  • StareBear
    Congratulations, James Pugh. You're my favourite - don't stop singing!
    December 2014
  • TyrusVE
    Just wanted to congratulate you on the recent bump to Community Manager.
    Hurrah, hurrah, hurrah!
    December 2014
  • Kilted_Frog
    I drank way too much delicious scotch last night. I blame you utterly and entirely for suggesting it to me. Grhnrh, hungover.
    September 2014
  • Starlon
    Is that "Pugh" the German surname "Pugh" - pronounced PYOO; it rhymes with "you," except it has a "P" sound in front of it? Which sounds also like "Pew"........ which leads us to "Pew-Pew-Pew - THE sound-track of a good time!"
    You should have a poll on a cool handle: LaserBolt, JPughPughPugh, (sorry but JPugh sounds like a Jersey Shore Extra)....yes there are issues, have I told you of my head injuries? Then vertebrae fused themselves together, just for Bits and Giggles! What was this about again.... Oh, welcome. (copied from community)
    March 2014
    • JPugh_CIG
      Hahahaha its the latter. I should change my name is JPughPughPugh I should look into that. This is just the one they gave me. Sorry to hear about your head injuries. Thank you for your warm welcome.
    • MacBinary01
      +1 JPughPughPugh
    • Hellmood
      i really doubt it´s a german surname. and if it was, it be pronounced "pook" rather than "pew". but pewpewpew is funny anyway