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  • Mr_UrChin
  • Ocenau
    what is this
    September 2016
  • LtBenjamin
    nice fighting! i got server crashed
    February 2016
    • sailor67
      Same here looking forward to it again. Check out the Pitchfork thread in the Forums or the org OPPF. I think you will find it interesting
  • Barecgesh
    Great fighting against you and with you Sailor, o7
    February 2016
  • timeillusion

    Greetings Sailer. Lyt Speed says you da man. I've read your comments. Regarding lone wolves attacking without planning: lets just give them intel that sends them where and when they can provide diversions.
    November 2014
    • sailor67
      That's sort of in line with what we are thinking, except it wouldn't be a diversion. The way Vanduul respawning works is there is a bucket with X number of Vanduul at a point of interest. That bucket is shared across all instances at given point of interest. So lone wolf attacks would be a huge help thinning the Vanduul for everyone.

      We also have sign up list if they want to form there own strike teams. I hope that answers your question.

    • Tobin_Ra
      Hey guys
  • Rincewind
    Hi sailor67, is there any role for miners or truckers in operation pitchfork? I'm a care bear
    September 2014
    • sailor67
      Yes for haulers, logistics is a big part. Potentially for miners although that's more of a reach. Salvage, combat search and rescue, and repair will also play a part
  • Quickstrike
    Hey Sailor add my CO as well, since our Unit is a PMC we will be working with you guys on a equal status. Just give us the objectives and we'll get them done.
    July 2014
    • sailor67
      Awesome! Welcome aboard.
    • Quickstrike
      well i just need contact stuff and all so if its ok can you msg me with what I need to start preparing ideas for operation. Im usually the C&C and tactical minded type
    • sailor67
      You are going to love this :)
  • Join Operation Pitchfork, what you want to live forever?
    April 2014
  • bharker
    Hey Sailor, I've setup a liason and ideas thread for the oceanic guilds on the DUSCC forums at

    We'll probably be doing most of our planning there, on public threads.
    October 2013