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Full-Frontal-Yeti Civilian


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  • Tyrone_Alfonso
    Awesome avatar bro!
    December 2014
  • Othium
    I like your comments and style of writing. I look forward to crossing paths in some distant solar system. o7
    July 2014
  • Anvilaerospace
    Glad to see other Friendly faces. See you in the verse.
    December 2013
  • Monoceros
    I recall you from my TF2 servers! It is nice to see a familiar face on the RSI forums.
    November 2013
    No Comments? For this, you get a comment to keep (love it btw):

    1: no one respects a pussy
    2: no one likes an asshole
    carebears wharble
    asshole gahrble

    and reasonable people, who can live with shades of gray where you take some bad with the good, get fed up with the other two groups equally fast.
    October 2013