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  • TheNOOBIFIER Hello and thanks for your interest in Enemy Contact. Please join us in Discord so we can meet up.
    October 2016
  • n13L5
    I admire your patience talking to the Luddites.

    You spell out what CIG said and didn't deliver, they go out and insult you, claiming you were just projecting what you wanted into the Khartu, not to mention being selfish etc etc.
    All the while, you list up fact after fact, only to be met with what they personally imagined the Khartu *should be*, while claiming that you're the one off your rocker.

    I would have either told them off or left the threat to someone else to argue with their kind.

    I would have responded, but was sitting in a taxi reading it on the phone...

    Anyway, you have my respect and you were, of course, correct.

    August 2016