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Kaedan On Probation


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  • November 2016
    • Kaedan
      Another one, Deadlyforce, to add to the expose the liars list:
    • Kaedan
    • Kaedan
      Quote from CR about avoid combat on page 624 of Katamari
  • Gwyliwr
    Hello Kaedan, I did not want to include this in the forum. With the TOS under current Australian law it isn't so much the inclusions that are a problem, rather it is the omissions & misdirections regarding consumer rights. I'm fairly disillusioned with CIG and the forums but not quite to the point of toxicity, I have a few k invested and I really would like to see it suceed
    June 2016
  • J-Dubya
    +42 for you, sir.
    April 2016
  • September 2015
  • Legion-Geth
    It saddens me that you got hit by the hammer. I hope for CIG that it wasn't for the threads on lti and business practices. Thanks again for your efforts.
    May 2015
    • Ozram
      Same. Kind surprised too. Never seen @Kaedan lose his cool, curse or be derisive in his posts.
    • Jacen_Solo
      We've had our disagreements in the past, but unlike most here it's always able to keep a civil tone. Hope he gets allowed back soon.
    • Sozo
      In the words of UPN9 news, absolutely disgusting.
    • Scistra
      Yeah! Anyway, welcome back.
    • Scistra
      ..and gone again? 0_o
  • TheLawReborn
    What the hell? They put you of all people on probation? AND they censored your "Questionable Business and Policy Practices by CIG" thread? This is ridiculous.
    May 2015
  • Irres
    why are all the older members on probation nowadays? :D
    May 2015
  • Jacen_Solo
    Damn, what did you get sent to the naughty corner for?
    May 2015
  • Proctor
    Good work on the latest LTI debate, Kaedan. You put forth a series of well thought out and valid points. I agree with all of them.
    May 2015
  • 10ftc 44 has confirmation that inside ships are not separate instances from space instances.
    May 2015
  • DJPenguin
    Added you to contacts cause you seem like an upstanding gentleman.
    April 2015
  • Cabbages
    why do you have over 4000 posts?
    February 2015
    • Kaedan
      Because I'm active in the SC community...?
  • SimpleSimon
    January 2015
    • Kaedan
      Huh what?